Wednesday, October 27, 2021

City Market in San Miguel! O La La..........

 It again has been a while since I have written a post!  I wanted to wait until I had actually been        inside  City Market and experienced it to write about it.  I was there last Friday.  Here are the          photos, not taken by me.

The Meat Department was not only full of fresh meats but all kinds of other meats such                        as rabbit, deer, turkey and ostrich!  Amazing.

I didn't even stop to look at the pastries but as I quickly passed everything was beautiful.
THEN there was the Chocolateria.........I may not be spelling it correctly but I have never                         seen anything like this in a grocery store.  No, I didn't buy anything.......but, maybe next time.
The Wine area was humongous.  Again, I didn't spend any time looking individually.                      That's for the next time...........
The grand kids love the "Sushi Bar".  They have eaten here several times and really                            enjoy it. There are several other dining options but we were moving at a speedy pace                          and did not stop at any of them.
This area was a real surprise with top notch cooking utensils, glassware and dishes                                 at top notch prices.

As we entered the store with me driving an electric cart and my son John by my side, it                          was a visual display of gorgeous displays of fruits and vegetables. Then to the right was a               coffee bar with coffees of all kinds.

Astonishing was the entire sections of olive oils; teas; refrigerated cases of beer for as far                     as the eye could see; and the refrigerated section has more kinds of yogurt and ice cream                    then I have seen in a long time.

The store was spotlessly clean.  We had gone one morning the previous week when John                        pushed me in my wheelchair but we didn't stay long as something came up in John's business             and so last Friday was the return trip with us using the electric cart!

Oh boy, was that nifty.  I have never been in one before but it was FUN.  The idea of it left                 me hesitant but it didn't take long for me to find it an easy thing to navigate in the store.

Now, when we left there was a bit of a snafu.  The employee of Central Market was walking in        front of me and when he walked down the handicap incline, I followed.  A little too fast but                     then I slammed on the brakes when I saw the look of panic on my son's face.  I was laughing out            loud because it was so much fun and so was the employee and some people in a car passing by.         My son had been afraid I was going to tip over.............luckily I didn't.  However, I don't think I will     do that again, hee hee.

All I can say about City Market is this.  If we are a "First Class" city to visit, why not have a  "first class" place to shop?  For me it is a specialty place and it is doubtful that I would be there on a regular basis since I have all my groceries ordered online.  

Many are worried how it is going to impact the tiendas and the other grocery stores.  I doubt it will because the majority of what I saw in this store has never been seen in Mexico before!  Truly it was definitely a trip worth taking.  

Central Market is located on Salida de Celaya almost  directly behind Pollo Feliz.

** Please forgive the spacing.  I have tried to correct it for a long period of time and I give up.Hope you enjoy reading it even though it is a mess.


crynoutloud said...

Hola Babs,
It must be for the gringos. Grocery stores NOB are that way now. I was shopping yesterday and inflation is out of hand. The cheapest tomatoes were $2 a pound.

Steve Cotton said...

Rabbit? I am on my way.

Babs said...

Crynoutloud - I think it is more for the wealthy Mexicans from Mexico City and Queretaro......and least the two times I was there, it was Mexican Nationals not gringos..........

Of course the gringos too but Mexican nationals far outnumber us!

Steve - Indeed. Get thee over here for a visit!

Ratana said...
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Scott said...

That sure is a fancy store! There is a City Market chain in the US that is upscale so I wonder if it is by them.

Coming from SMDA to Fort Worth is a rooftop restaurant named Quince, which according to some report is the "#1 rooftop restaurant in the world". It was created by a former Fort Worth hedge fund manager. The link here, if you can view it has a photo from the SMDA rooftop.

Babs said...

Scott - Very interesting! I know there is Central Market in Texas but I didn't know about City Market. City Market here is a Mexican conglomerate of different price point grocery stores. LaComer and Fresko are the others along with City Market which to date has been in highly populated areas such as Guadalajara and CDMX. I'm surprised that here, with a population of only 60+,000 in the town of SMA, that they built one. We'll see what happens. There other concept LaComer is only one block away so possibly they count on the synergy like restaurant chains with multiple concepts operate.

I have not been to Quince. IF it is on a rooftop without an elevator, there would be no way for me to get there. During covid many restaurants set up outdoor space and I doubt that will change as we had 10 deaths in SMA just in the past week!

There are so many more new restaurants as the older ones close that it is hard to keep up with it all! ha.

Thanks for sharing.

Ratana said...
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