Sunday, July 14, 2019

SUMMER is Here!

When the summer rains come and school is out, SUMMER is here!
The kids got to swim in a lovely, heated pool with their new friend Clark this week. 
 The rains cause the grass to turn green, the birdbath to be full all the time for the birds, the possum, and the butterflies.  The flowers are blooming in profusion which makes all right with the world.
Here are pink geraniums and lavender blooming around this awesome tree that I don't know its name.
 Add to that, if you look at this limb of the peach tree, there are enough peaches for a gazillion cobblers and pies.  Anyone have a ladder?  You are welcome to come and get some before the birds
have eaten them all.  There are two peach trees. The other one is so full of peaches the limb is leaning toward the ground!  Yes, they are ripe and ready.
Even, the hibiscus, with blooms the size of a salad plate, are graciously blooming.  Took this photo from inside the house and even then, the size of the bloom is not diminished.

It is fun to spend my first summer in this new house and the joy of watching the transformation of the surroundings from the rain storms has been a delight. Especially since there are no leaks in this house.  The great thing is the rains come in the evening and night, so we have sunshine during the day and then the sound of raindrops to sleep.

The only creatures not happy about the rain, the hail and the winds, are the thousands of egrets now roosting in the trees across the street and throughout this area.  I heard them squawking last night as
the winds picked up before the rain.  Temps this morning were 52F with a predicted high of 79.

How sweet it is!


R. P. said...

A refreshing perspective from a lovely person. Gracias.
Saludos, Robert

Retired Teacher said...

Here in Ohio, summer has hit us with a vengeance. By Saturday the high temperature is supposed to hit 106 F.

Babs said...

Thanks Robert!

Bill, our temps are in the 70's this time of the year or maybe as high as 84 with 50ish at night. Perfect. Sorry you are having that horrific hot weather. Stay cool..........

Chosenxbyxetro said...

I enjoyed reading your blog thanks.