Sunday, July 07, 2019

Fourth of July Family Fun

It was a harrowing week!  Truly. I won't bore you with all the details as it was enough to just get through it.  The BEST part of the week was spending the 4th of July with John, Mati and Seb in
their backyard.  Two additions to the family, Corazon and Simba joined us as well.
 John had cooked yummy things like arrachera, Eckrich sausage, both on the grill, along with grilled onions and mushrooms.  I had cooked the ever favorite mac and cheese along with a cherry cobbler.
A real feast!  Not a typical 4th of July feast of hot dogs and hamburgers but really special grilled items.  Did I mention we even had ice cream to go on the warm cobbler?  The kids want the recipe so they can make it at their house all the time. 
 I'm astounded, often, at how much the kids are changing.  Seb is into astro physics! and Mati still loves her "cirque de soleil" trapeze and gymnastic routines.  The above photo makes me giggle a lot.
I remember seeing that look on my girls when looking at their brother, more then once!  But, they all
grow up to absolutely adore and love each other, so I just see the humor in it.
The above photo was my second attempt at another selfie. At my age, I don't need these close up shots of me anymore! truer words have ever been spoken!
And, John, has his father's sense of humor.  He says, but I don't remember, that I always had headbands for them to wear when they were little and they hated them then.  THIS photo is a
message and photo for his sister and my daughter, Julie, who lives in Colorado!
Seb always asks to take photos with my camera.  This time it was all about the new additions to their family.  Corazon on the left and Simba on the right.  Sweet and funny.  The kids are thrilled to have pets again.  Scout died several months ago and they have really missed not having pets.  In fact, I hear that Matilda goes around looking for injured birds so she can nurse them back to health.  Possibly a future vetenarian in the family?

Reminiscing about many of the past 4th of July celebrations always makes me grin.........especially the family events with swimming, lots of food, music and fireworks.  Ooops, THAT is what was
missing - NO fireworks!  Darn...........


alcuban said...

Kittens are always a fun addition. Where did they find them? As for one of your young ones being kind to animals, that's always an encouraging sign of good character in a kid.

Babs said...

Ahh, the kittens are a welcome addition. I don't know where they got them. All my kids and grandkids are major animal lovers. Horses, pigs, cats, dogs, birds, tarantulas - among other creatures, they have raised and loved them all.
John's background is a degree as a wildlife biologist and time with Natl Park Svs and Wildlife and Fisheries doing turtle research among other things. Our lives have always been animal centered. In fact last year John and the kids raised two injured egrets who fell out of the nest. Then they released them. Seven grandkids and all kinds of adventures with animals!