Friday, May 03, 2019

A Week of Mexican Holidays in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico!

As I was sitting and meditating this morning, the thought popped into  my head that the week began with only the thought that there would be one holiday this week.  A legal one - The Day of the Worker, or Labor Day on May 1st.

But, that was not the only holiday this week, although the others are not "legal" holidays where the banks and other businesses are closed.

Tuesday was Dia de Ninos honoring all children all over the world!  The children have school but they also have celebrations and parties at school.  In addition, they usually come home to treats like ice cream or something like that to enjoy.

I had forgotten that the 3rd of May is the Feast of Santa Cruz, which I have written about extensively on the blog in the past.  You can put Feast of Santa Cruz in the search box on the right side of this page and read those articles.  One ALWAYS knows when it is Santa Cruz Day as the fireworks start at about 4AM!!!  I was so used to hearing them when I lived up on the hill that I would just roll over and go back to sleep. 

But, this morning when I heard them here in Los Frailes, I was surprised and a bit concerned.  I looked at the clock and it was about 6AM.  Fireworks are not typically heard in Los Frailes so I wanted to make sure what I was hearing was fireworks and not something I would not want to hear.
When I did not hear any police cars or anything, I rolled over and went back to sleep........the fireworks have continued since I got out of bed.  It makes me smile.

It makes me smile because isn't it wonderful that the children, the workers and then the construction workers are all honored in the same week?  It says something about the importance of the every day person in Mexico.  That they are honored and revered in a way that I had never experienced until I moved to this country.

Next week will be Mother's Day on May 10th.  It honors Mothers with flowers, going out to dine and almost always with the entire family.  I have seen as many as fifteen people at a family table in a restaurant to honor the mothers.  Of course Mother's Day in the USA is on Sunday, the 12th this year.

A couple of other interesting bits of information about May Day is that it is Josefina's birthday and I always make a big deal about that with a present and flowers.  She likewise never forgets my birthday or Mother's Day.  She brings me flowers or some sweet thing she has made.  It so touches my heart.

The other bit of GREAT news about May Day this year is that it rained!  Now, in Houston where I moved from, that is a regular occurrence, but not here.  We seldom get rain when it is not the rainy season.  But, Wednesday night at about 10:15 I thought I heard thunder!  I listened carefully because I thought it must be fireworks in honor of May Day but it continued and then the lovely lightning and thunder happened.  It went on for quite a while with me thinking, "Oh well, it probably isn't going to rain because it is May".  Our rainy season is mid-June til mid-September.  Au contraire, the rains came.  The sound of the rain on the skylight in the kitchen was a very welcome sound.  So welcome in fact that I got up, sat in my favorite chair in the living room with the lights in the garden turned on and listened and watched the rain.  You see, we have not had rain since September 26, 2018.  What a gift this was for the gardens, the fields and everyone.

Yesterday, there were so many birds flitting and diving in the garden in apparent joy or something, that they almost needed a traffic cop to keep them from running into each other.  I've never seen so many birds in one garden before.........

As far as I know, tomorrow or Sunday are not holidays.  But, come to think of it, when you're retired,
EVERY DAY is a holiday! 

VIVA MEXICO............


Retired Teacher said...

And May 15th is Teachers' Day!

Babs said...

Thanks Bill. There are so many holidays and festivals in Mexico and
especially SMA, that I try to go week by week! ha........