Saturday, April 20, 2019

Easter Bunnies.......Past and Present

If you live in Mexico, you know that there are NO supplies to make Easter baskets for anyone or the candy to put in it etc etc etc. It is not a tradition in Mexico. 

But, being the cagey person that I am, I ask people to bring things down from the USA when I hear
someone is headed this way.  Last year it was my friend Dennis.  This year it was Nancy from Dripping Springs!

Then, add to the fact that the stuff that goes in the basket isn't available, the previous year's baskets disappeared in the move.  Frustration is not a strong enough word for the fact that I knew they had
to be somewhere.  But, after much searching at my son's house, no baskets turned up.  Oy vey! 

Josefina went to the traveling Tuesday market and found two baskets though.  I can't go there any more, unfortunately, it is too uneven and too crowded for me with a cane.  Darn.  But, thankfully
Josefina helped out.  Whew.

I dug through my stuff and found the Easter grass to put inside the baskets.  See, this is an epic

Every year is like this.  You folks in the USA do not have any idea how lucky you are to have
Target, the Dollar Store, the grocery stores and wherever you go to find all the goodies.  I think
now, while some friends, Ron and Fred, are in San Antonio, Tx. that I will have them get some
things to bring back to save for next year.  No, not candy.  Decorations and gifts to put in the

The traditions with the grandkids, always has been to dye eggs and to bake the Easter Bunny cake. All seven grandkids! No matter how little the little ones are, it is so fun to see their eyes get big when they put an egg in a cup and out comes a red or green or yellow or whatever color egg.  Then when we decorate the Easter bunny cake, they are so proud.

Here are a few pictures from four years ago, when Mati and Seb were 5 and 7!

This year was so much easier!  I just watched after we looked at a photo on the internet and Mati and
Seb decorated the cake.

What fun to watch their creativity.  If you notice, last time we did not put whiskers.  This time they did.  We had no licorice or black pipe cleaners or something like that, but I had raisins, so they made
the whiskers with 36 raisins.  Thankfully jelly beans came from Texas and were used a LOT.  Also, in with the raisins and nuts were three M&Ms! They were used for the eyes and nose!  Here are the photos of the Easter Bunny for 2019. Work in progress.......

                                                Smiles of satisfaction at a funny bunny!

Grammy with left over grass after we decided to remove the grass and just have the cake on the foil.
Of course, it will be saved for next year!  Since the kids confessed recently that they no longer "believe", I asked them if this was the last bunny cake we were ever going to bake.  There was a resounding "No!"  Yippee.

I had also cooked Easter dinner for us to have yesterday as the kids were leaving for  Ixtapa this morning with their Mom for a week at the beach.  The traditional, Baked Ham, Au gratin potatoes and corn with a great loaf of bread.  Their favorites!  I had mentioned that there would be a surprise at the end of lunch. 

With eyes closed, a secret "bunny" delivered baskets to the table which was followed by squeals of delight.  Matilda was thrilled that she got white chocolate.  Who knew?  Seb was thrilled with, of all things, more jelly beans and.........of course, all the rest.  They seldom get candy so this is a BIG treat!
The squeals and smiles and happy faces make it ALL worth while.  HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!

PS.  Thanks to everyone who contributes through the years - Ron and Fred, Al and Stew, Nora, Dan, Nancy, Dennis, Kay, and all the others, who because my brain is scattered and I don't remember, have brought stuff down.  Thanks a lot!


Retired Teacher said...

Whenever I am in Mexico for Easter, I bring down a bag of plastic eggs, and I fill them with candy so that Alejandro's little nephew can have a "gringo" style Easter egg hunt. (I don't know if he still believes that the Easter bunny on my behest is making a special trip down to Mexico.) This evening while most of the family is at the Saturday vigil, I will be filling the eggs and hiding them.

R. P. said...

Happy Easter to you and your Family.
Semana Santa has been fun.
Hasta Pronto.
Colleen & Robert

Babs said...

Bill, that's wonderful! Yes, the plastic eggs disappeared too since last year. I used to hide those in the garden with two dozen real eggs. This year we did not even have an Easter egg hunt or dye eggs. Boo hoo. BUT, when I told Sebastian that he probably wouldn't want to bake a cake next year because he is getting older, he told me in no uncertain terms that he would NEVER be too old to bake cakes! Aha.

Babs said...

Robert and Colleen - I'm glad you have enjoyed all the activities for the last two weeks. It is quite amazing, isn't it?

CU soon.

alcuban said...

Your blog is funny. We're in Florida and the woman in front of me yesterday at the checkout at Target had about $50 worth of colored straw, small sugar bunnies and other little stuff and I wondered what it was for. Reading your blog it dawned on me: An Easter basket! Duh. Happy Easter! Al

Babs said...

Al, IF ONLY Target was in Mexico! It is so easy
to find "stuff" like that all over in so many stores
in the USA.......

Happy Easter to ya'll.

Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Happy Easter to all you wonderful people in San Miguell! Cake and jelly beans, what's not to like??

Cheers, Peter and Shelagh.

Babs said...

Cheers to you and Shelagh, Peter. I agree - cake and jelly beans, woohoo!

Happy Easter.

Mary Pena said...

Goood reading this post