Friday, March 15, 2019

Dining in the Campo Around San Miguel de Allende

With well over three hundred restaurants now in San Miguel and the countryside, options are limitless.  Truly. 

When I came here for the first time twenty-one years ago, I think, and I might be exaggerating,
that there were about fifty restaurants at that time! 

Now there is everything from Sri Lanka to Lebanese to Japanese to international cuisines.  You name a major country and probably there is a restaurant with some dishes from that country.  We even have
a long-time restaurant called Berlin!

But, the latest trend has been the dining and vineyards, many of them, in the countryside.  Head toward Queretaro, Celaya or Delores Hidalgo and there is a lovely vineyard with the ability to dine there!  No, I have not explored that option as yet, but hope to in the next few months.

However, I do have a few "go to" places when I want to head out and enjoy the horizons, the river or just a different view without traffic.

On the road to Delores Hidalgo are some of the places that I like.  They are all only about ten minutes away, but worlds away in ambiance.  The latest discovery is the cornerstone restaurant that has been in SMA for a very long time on Umauran.  Mama Mia's has opened a place in the country on the road
to Atotonilco.  It is an experience.  Not a place to go for an hour, but a place to go to dine, unwind, enjoy the breezes and the beauty.  Let me add, the food the seven of us had was all delicious. They even have a micro brewery which my son and others enjoyed immensely with tastings of flights.

The true test was having two grandchildren with us who had plenty to do while waiting for food or waiting for us to be ready to leave.  They have a tree house, big swings tied to tree limbs and horses to ride with a cowboy to lead the kids on each horse around the property.  Of course, Mati and Seb discovered the "restaurant dog and cat", made friends and enjoyed them as well.

How delightful it was to sit back, relax, have a drink, eventually order food and eat and then relax afterwards.  This was on a Sunday.  A busy day.  To be honest, I know it is also open on Saturday but not sure about during the week.......

Other dining experiences out near Atotnilco that are my favorites are Nirvana, which was pretty much the first one to go to the "country".  It still is a delight to dine there and enjoy the river and the views, not to mention the great food.  La Burger is just that, a burger place, but with a great twist.  They have big grills and all hamburgers and other food are grilled.  On the weekends, getting in there to eat is a test because it is packed!

And, last, but not least is El Vergel.  It is overseen by a French chef and part of the Donnie Masterton group of restaurants in and around San Miguel.  Everything I and my friends have eaten there has been superb and unique.  Better then anything is that on Friday evenings from 6-8PM, a Jazz Trio plays under the direction of Azande "Drummin" Cummings.  Mr. Cummings came to San Miguel from New York City where he was a professor of music and played individually and with groups along with being on Broadway in productions.  Great Jazz to put it mildly.  Can't wait to return!

Oops, and I almost forgot Bastide which is a relative newcomer on the road to Delores Hidalgo.  It is in the location of a former pizza restaurant, Pizza Pig,  and the dining room looks lovely.  It too is French cuisine and again, a unique menu. 

It certainly is a delight to have so many options.  I have in no way covered all the "hidden gems" out of town but this is a start.  There is another place that I want to find out about that is a Chef from Italy and who has a place somewhere out there.  If I find it, I'll let you know.  I've heard raves about it as well.

Mexican food?  Of course, but one cannot live on tacos or enchiladas alone.  Well, I can't nor do I want to do so.  And having all these options makes life an adventure!


alcuban said...

You should also try the new Bistro Mexicain, a small place that includes a very nice produce and fruit market. It's located in between the veterinary clinic and the China Dragon, on the Ancha. Need to check out the new Oaxacan restaurant on the road to Queretaro, out in the country about 7 miles out of town.

Babs said...

Thanks for the info Al. I'll try to get there!

R. P. said...

We Love the picture of Mati and Seb in the hammock chair!!

Babs said...

Thanks Colleen! They sure are growing up fast!
Hope ya'll are getting well and we can get together soon.

sylvia said...

Thanks for updating on new places to eat! I am planning to bring friends in September and really want to take them to the hidden jewels that only people that live there know! Thank you for sharing and I hope you are feeling better!

Babs said...

Well enjoy your visit with your friends Sylvia. Thanks for
the well wishes. Life is one day at a time now.....some days
good, some not so much.