Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Getting My Groove Back

It has been a busy time the last couple of weeks with friends from Texas visiting which always necessitates eating many grand meals, seeing the sites but most importantly catching up with them
on their news and a bit of mine.

First to arrive was my friend Kay who now lives in San Antonio so we have not seen each other in a couple of years.  Kay is an amazingly creative person who quilts, does ceramics, is an accomplished artist and a great friend to travel with, especially in Mexico.

If it had not been for Kay and several trips by us to San Miguel together, one for six weeks while she took art classes at Bellas Artes, it is very possible that I would never have ended up living in San Miguel.  While Kay was off accomplishing wonderful things, I was hanging around the jardin and meeting locals and finding out what San Miguel was all about.  Then I got it!  I truly did.......and the rest is history.

On that trip, we had come down in Kay's van which allowed us to travel to Patzcuaro and the villages around the lake.  By the time we headed back to Houston, that van was packed to the ceiling with all kinds of things.  It was amazing that Customs just waved us on through.

Kay and I met back in the 80's when she and her husband were remodeling a house in Seabrook.  A mutual friend suggested Kay call me for some design ideas and we hit it off.  Kay is truly a "hippie chick" and if any of you have seen the series on Netflix, Grace and Frankie - she is Frankie and I am Grace.  What fun we have had over the years.

It was no different when she came this time for a workshop in something related to art.  When we were together, it was non stop talking.  Never have we run out of subjects to discuss and laugh til our sides hurt.  Sure wish she lived closer.

Then, last Friday, I actually went out to lunch AND dinner, in one day!  Lunch was at the Louisiana Restaurant down a long, narrow, dusty road out in the country.  In fact, after turning off the highway onto the road, my friend and I drove for so long that I was looking for a wide enough place to turn around thinking we were on the wrong section of the road.  Then, voila, there was a handmade sign, Louisiana.  Down another bumpy, dirt road and there it was.

It was definitely worth the drive.  Even when we arrived and the door was closed, we hoped it was open for business.  Inside, Carla the owner, was in the kitchen just waiting for the first customers.  That was us.  I've known Carla's cooking for about fifteen years or more from when she had a restaurant in San Miguel on Cinco de Mayo.  Well, the term restaurant was more like a palapa with someone cooking, if I remember correctly, but oh can she cook.  Louisiana food, obviously.  Like gumbo, fried catfish, soups, and the best homemade potato salad and dirty rice that you have ever eaten.  Now her restaurant is next to a ring where they train horses for charreadas.

My friend and I ordered.  The door opened and old friends that I have not seen in years popped in for the same reason we were there.  Good food.  There were about ten of them so we were glad we had already ordered!  ha.

Then that night, I was at Don Lupe Grill which is located in the old Longhorn location on Ancha de San Antonio to meet a long time friend and two new friends who have been reading the blog since I began eleven years ago!  They have moved here from Ashland, Oregon.  All delightful people and great conversations ensued.  To be honest, I could not have eaten another meal after lunch so just had an order of guacamole and lemonade.  Being with friends was delightful - old and new.

On Saturday, another friend from Texas arrived.  She came from Dripping Springs.  I say we are sisters from another mother.  I met her a couple of years ago when my son sold a house to her.  Has it ever happened to you that you meet someone and there is an instant connection?  It happened with Nancy.  That night I realized that her maiden name was my grandmother's maiden name.  Nancy is into genealogy and between her research and all the information I have from family members who have done all kinds of research, we did discover that we are connected!  Small world, truly.

It has been a marathon of meals.  Sunday at Gayle's with Nancy, her brother-in-law and sister-in-law who now live in Alabama.  We all hit it off.  What fun and funny conversations we had not only during lunch but for hours afterwards.  I think I talked more on Sunday then I have in the last three weeks!  And laughed too.

Monday night was dinner at Firenze which has for many years  won the #1 restaurant designation by the local residents.  Great food in a teeny, tiny restaurant.  Always a delightful time.

Yesterday was a day trip to Atotonilco to show all of them the church and surrounding area.  I did not go into the church, but while sitting in the car waiting for them, I took a few photos.  I've been out there so many times, but always love to sit and observe........It is the second largest pilgrimage site ranked right behind the Virgen of Guadalupe in Mexico City.  Well over 100,000 pilgrims here in a year!

Of course, if I could have, I would have liked to walk down where the stalls were located.  They sell crown of thorns and whips for self-flagelation which was what the priest who built the church believed was necessary for redemption!  That's another story.

When we left, our intention was to go nearby for lunch, but road construction stopped us dead in our tracks and we then eventually headed back to San Miguel for lunch at Food Factory.  Always good!  Always.  The waiter took this great photo of Nancy and her family.

It has been a whirlwind, but a fun whirlwind.  Today the whirl has stopped, but will start back up tomorrow.  Another friend from Houston flew in yesterday.  Hope I have time to see him while he and his partner are in town.

Getting your groove back can be exhilarating but a bit tiring too.  Today is a "regroup" day!
I wonder if anyone else is heading this way any time soon!  Let me know...........


R. P. said...

Hola Grace!
My, you do live an interesting life.
You go girl!

Barbara Lane said...

Love this! Your life of late sounds like mine. Love the UP time, love the down (quiet). Am eager to get to Louisiana though no idea how or when. Enjoy every moment of your time with friends! I know you do.

Babs said...

Colleen, I failed to get a photo of the four of us at Don Lupe or ya'll would be immortalized in the blog post as well!

Thanks Barbara - Yes, the UP and DOWN times are all precious. In fact, when healthy every day is a GIFT! I'll let you know when I'm going to Louisiana again and maybe you can share the adventure with me!

Barbara Lane said...

I'd love both seeing you and going to Louisiana with you! Gracias! And you're so right about every healthy day being a gift - oh my yes!

Babs said...

Barbara, send your phone number to me on FB private messenger and I'll call you when I'm going back to Louisiana! It would be great to spend time with you and give us
a chance to "catch up".

Contessa said...

What fun you have been having. Love hearing that you laughed for hours.

Cheri said...

I remember a nice time when you took me on a pilgrimage of Atotonilco. Most memorable. Thank you for that.😊