Thursday, July 05, 2018

A Happy Third and Fourth of JULY!

Unexpectedly, good things happened on the Third of July.  One phone call changed my day!  Isn't life always that way?

The phone call was from my son and with that it was decided that Sebastian would spend the day with me.  How wonderful!  Imagine the surprise when TWO kids showed up and Matilda was
with him!

It was great as we had not seen each other since the end of March!  Waaaaaaaaay too long.
Yes, both have gotten taller.  Add to that, Sebastian is reading like a whiz!  Speechless would be an apt expression of my surprise, as a year ago he was just beginning to learn words!  He is "off to the races".  Since, to me, reading is key to life, happiness reins.

Add to the kids being here, I was finally able to give them their presents that I brought back from Texas!  Shouts of glee was their reaction.  For Seb, it was a Nerf ball and bat along with a golf club and ball with little pockets to catch the ball.  For Mati, it was a craft box of sticky things to make things.  The kids played with that for over two hours.  It was fun to watch their creativity.  Then out came the big blocks and they made a building for the creatures they created.  Here are a few photos of that day.

                                                    As the creative juices begin to flow!
                                          The wings were a hit and fit on many characters.
                                           All their creations in their new house of blocks!
                                                     We took a selfie of the three of us!
                                    Just to sit and watch them is a BIG treat for this Grammy!

At some point we did stop for lunch of spaghetti and meat balls - home made, along with yogurt and assorted other things that they found in the fridge from time to time!

Then the next day came and the kids had school.  After all Independence Day is not celebrated in Mexico.  So they all came after school, which was perfect as it gave me all morning to cook and
get ready for them.

 Sebastian with his Fourth of July headband was hitting almost every ball his Dad threw to him.  It is amazing the hand/eye coordination that he has for an eight year old.  Sure wish there was a Little League here in San Miguel.  Seb would be so happy.
                   Here's John waiting for Seb to throw a ball to him.......Again, fun to watch!

 It was FUN to cook again for the family!  We had brisket and ribs; mac and cheese, by request; Bush's Baked Beans; and Apple Cobbler, home made.  Deeeeelicious.
John took these two photos.  I'm a "happy camper" when the family is around.  Sure wish ALL the family could have been here - we would have needed a bigger house, but it sure would have been fun!  We are saving the headbands for next year - so come on down!


R. P. said...

I have a big smile on my face after reading this. Thanks for sharing. Fun is a major part of life. Saludos, Robert

Dee Tillotson said...

What a wonderful visit! Enjoy them in their young childhood while you can. When they grow up, so many more worldly issues are on their minds.

Babs said...

R.P., I'm so glad I was able to put a big smile on your face.!

Dee, indeed, the other five grandchildren in the USA are all grown........and
I SO SO loved seeing them grow up. These two are the icing on the cake because
they were so unexpected and are so enchanting.

La Tejedora said...

This is what love, joy and contentment look like.

alcuban said...

Beautiful kids, they look just like you except a tad younger!

Babs said...

La Tejedora - Indeed, I certainly perk up when the kids are around. So much fun to hear their comments and experience their love.

Thanks Al. Everyone tells me that my son and I look alike, therefore, I guess, his children look like me a bit as well. How delightful is that?

marilyn said...

You are glowing! & they are growing! I love seeing Madi and Seb with you. They look like they're having such a great time & doing "kid" things, not just sitting with iPads.

I know you have family and good times with them in Texas, but, for me, I'm glad you're back home, and writing your blogs from San Miguel.

(and so glad you've kept the blog)

marilyn said...

"marilyn" is me Lena James (aka Marilyn Lena James)