Sunday, April 29, 2018

Abby and I - A dog and her new friend

Abby is a darn smart dog!  She knows how to be gentle enough, but firm, when she wants something.
No words are necessary.  Actions speak louder then words.
Sitting in the back yard to enjoy the spring breezes, the fragrances of the gardenias and magnolias wafting toward me, Abby will either put the ball on the adjacent chair........or in my lap and wait.

Even though the thought goes through my mind to ignore the gesture, somehow it is just not possible.
Somehow, those sweet, pleading eyes say, "Just one?".  Which of course, it never is.  I throw.  She catches.  I throw again. She catches it in the air.  It could go on forever or for as long as I'm willing to keep throwing.

The fun is when the ball goes in the pool.  Talk about patience.  Abby will stand there watching the breezes blow it to the edge of the pool so she can reach down and get it........for another throw. No matter how long it takes.

My sister-in-law, Annette, has such a green thumb that her gardenia bushes have hundreds and hundred of blooms.  Never have I seen this many blooms on a gardenia bush.  Add to that the
magnolia tree which astounds me with the number of blooms and buds on it.

Neither of these are prolific in Mexico.  Two favorite flowers of mine.  They signify the fragrances of Spring and Summer nights in the South.  Something that was part of my growing up. 

Gardenias remind me of wrist corsages in high school while magnolias remind me of large floral arrangements.  In the Fall, the pods too were used in arrangements.  Isn't it interesting how one
thing or two can trigger all kinds of memories from our past that we have not thought of in eons?

Much time has been spent outside this week while the humidity has been low and the temperatures have been in the high 70's and low 80's.  Perfect,  Meditating, reading, playing with  Abby.  Ahh yes, life is good.

The only untoward thing that happened was on Tuesday, a tooth of mine had to be extracted!  Not planned.  Not expected but gone.

I waited all night for the Tooth Fairy to come, but, to no avail.  Bummer.  Maybe there is an age limit on rewards for losing a tooth?  Probably.

Have read a couple of fascinating books this week. "Lost in Shangri-La", by Mitchell Zuckoff.  A true story of crash survivors rescued during WWII before the people of New Guinea had seen "white people".  Extraordinary book.  The other totally different book was "That Summer in Sicily" written by Marlena de Blasi.

And, so it goes...............


Peter Kouwenhoven said...

It sounds like you're having a good stay in Texas. Enjoy the spring blossoms and sunshine. Hope your knees are well...

R. P. said...

Happy you are having a good visit to Texas with friends and family. Sorry about the surprise tooth extraction. Colleen just had the same on Thursday with the long process of a dental implant looming. Resistance in life builds resolve and character I'm told. We forgot about the "tooth fairy". Colleen was looking for a one-way ticket to SMA under her pillow! Nada. Saludos, Robert & Colleen
P.S. Belated Happy Birthday!

Babs said...

Hi Peter - My knees still don't hurt but I still can't walk long
distances. Can't wait to get back to SMA and start PT and work with
a trainer......

Good morning Robert - So sorry to hear Colleen had the same experience.
I did not have enough tooth left for an implant, which, in a way is a]
blessing as I have no dental insurance.

When will ya'll be heading to SMA?

R. P. said...

Ah, the no insurance thing. Same situation here. The $5,000 US pricetag/ransom for the dental implant made us scramble to see if we could get it done in SMA. The tooth is out, but still trying to gauge what is available to complete the six month process in SMA. The implant here is scheduled for July 27, with Crown scheduled for Oct. 27. We would love to not have to fly back for the Crown in Oct/Nov. Time is ticking....
We are still planning on August arrival.
We are not deterred for our long term life in the lovely Central Highlands of Mexico.
We don't have to tell you about life interceding in plans. Ha!
Onward and Upward!
Keep In Touch & Enjoy Each Day,
Robert & Colleen

Babs said...

Robert, I just checked my wallet to see if I still had the card for the dentist that a friend of mine used for implants and crowns in SMA. It is a female dentist and my friend was very, very pleased not only with the work but the cost. I will email her in the USA where she is now and see if I can get a name, email address and phone number for

I know it would be no where near $5000USD. I'll get back with you as soon as I hear from her.

Onward and Upward is right.

Babs said...

Robert, the name of the dentist is Aurora Galdamez. She does not do implants but I'm sure she can refer you to someone. Her patient, my friend is Barbara Carson. Hopefully she has a website. If I get more info, I'll pass it on........

R. P. said...

Thank You! I sent you a private message. :)

Anonymous said...

Great to find your blog! My husband and I are headed to SM for six weeks, starting around June 1. It's always nice to see a place from the eyes of someone who lives there.

Babs said...

Thanks for your comment RMC.........Welcome to SMA. I'll be arriving about the same
time as you after being gone for two months........Maybe we'll run into eachother in the jardin! I'll be the one with the lucite cane.