Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Ambience of Gentility

Hopefully with words, I will be able to express something that happened last week which was exceptional to me.

Recently I contacted the plastic surgeon who had operated on my right arm when it went through the plate glass window.  Impressed with his professionalism and his aura, I wanted to see if he could
refer me to an orthopedic surgeon in the area to read some x-rays and confirm that I did indeed
need knee replacement.

The assistant in the USA to the orthopedic surgeon that is supposed to perform this surgery suggested that I do this now rather then wait until I got to Houston and then be told that "No the knee was not that bad".  Although I knew otherwise.

My expectation was that Dr. Bosco would, by telephone, give me a name and number.  But instead
he invited me to his office to discuss my needs.  My appreciation for his time was expressed with gratitude to him.

In the USA we are used to ten minute appointments.  Twenty if we are lucky.  Not here in Mexico.

Dr. Bosco greeted me and invited me to be seated.  We talked about my knee and impending surgery but then we also talked about a great honor that had been bestowed on him recently.

He was very humble when he told me that he had been inducted into the International Association of Plastic Surgeons.  There are 8000 plastic surgeons in the World in this group.  Quite an honor for Dr. Bosco.  In the ensuing conversation, at my questioning, I found out that he had performed operations all over Europe.  I, of course congratulated him profusely on this honor. 

Jokingly, I told him that it would have been nice the day of my accident to have known of his celebrity as the fear was deep in my bones at the idea of that surgery.  We laughed about that.

Then he changed the subject to my blog.  To say that I was surprised would be an understatement.  I'm always surprised when someone tells me they read the blog but especially this man who is so busy.   He complimented me and said it was apparent that I loved Mexico.  And then he said something that was, to me, the ultimate compliment.  He said, "It is not always the words that you write, but what is between the lines".  Staggering.  A beautiful thing to say.

It is hard, unless you live in this country, to understand the beautiful manners and gentility of the people of Mexico.  The criticism and unkindness toward the people from ignorant people who have never been to Mexico cuts deep.   

This recent experience with Dr. Bosco is one of many that have been my experience in the many years that I have been honored to be in this country.  I could list at least a hundred more but right now I want to savor the kindness and generosity of this man.

Oh, and just in case you are wondering, the orthopedic surgeon drove an hour to meet with me to look at the x-rays and to see me walk.  Then he wrote a letter to give to the doctor in Houston.
Cost?  No charge.

Yes, the ambience of gentility is alive and well in Mexico.


Barbara Lane said...

Oh I so love this! Yes! It's been my experience as well - the providers I've seen here in San Miguel go above and beyond what was previously known to me more often than not. They give their time, their expertise, their caring hearts. Their care leaves you feeling you are very much a person that matters, "unique in all the world" as the Little Prince would say.

I am so glad you shared this. It's truly one of the gifts of living here.

Viva Mexico!

Pat said...

I enjoy reading your blog. In this one you expressed one of the many wonderful aspects of living in SMA.

Maria Lee said...

Love this post. Thanks, Barbara.
Maria Lee

Babs said...

Dear Barbara - I'm so glad that you enjoyed the post. I have found this "generosity of spirit" in every part of mexico, not just SMA.

The mechanic in Matehuala was another example recently.

We ARE blessed to live in this great country.

Babs said...

Dear Pat and Maria - Thanks so much for taking time to comment. Glad it struck a nerve with you both.

What i failed to say about the orthopedic surgeon was that he drove from Celaya to meet with me! Imagine! All that way knowing I just wanted a consultation.........amazing, isn't it?

splendidfarecatering said...

Thank you for putting into words how I feel about Mexico and its people. I haven't been able to articulate, as well, how it makes me feel to visit a country and find myself interacting with people who have such a welcoming & generous nature. While I, thankfully, haven't had to deal with any medical issues, I've found myself in lots of different situations and they all have been so positive.

I really enjoy your blog. It's an uplifting read after living with the daily bombardments we are experiencing now in the US.
Best of luck in the coming months with your surgery.

Babs said...

Great to hear from you San Fran! Thanks for taking time to write. I sincerely hope that I mostly write positive things........every now and then I "flame" but try not to let what is happening in DC make me any nuttier then I am, ha. It is not easy.

The tenderness and kindness that I am surrounded with by nature and the people of Mexico tends to keep me on track............

Thanks for your good wishes. I hope to be back here quickly able to walk the cobblestoned streets of SMA again!

R. P. said...

Well said. We experienced this in spades while we were traveling by luxury bus across Mexico. Genuine and warm people everywhere. San Miguel is a polished gem. You are a part of this after years spreading love in these pages. Thank you, for that. Saludos, Robert & Colleen

Babs said...

thanks Robert - That was a very thoughtful comment by you about the blog! I appreciate it
very much..............

Caddie said...

This post makes me dream again to live in Mexico. Most of your posts make me dream.
Gentility in contrast to unease and chaos here. Politeness and compassion are weakened virtues in this country today. I bow to gentleness.

Babs said...

Ahhh, Caddie. I feel your yearning. As I always say, "Mexico has taught
me so many beautiful things". Gentleness, courtesy, caring, so so many things......
The sense of "community" is endearing.