Friday, March 16, 2018

Life From Another Elevation

This post is being written while I am staying at my son John's home in the suburbs of San Miguel.

Things are from a different perspective out here in the enclaves.

For one thing, it is flat.  No views other then the houses that surround one.  It gives me a different

I have found things to watch and enjoy.

The trees are leafing out.  One is a pear tree with delicate blooms.   There are plenty of birds but not many hummingbirds.

There also is a cadre of squirrels whose sole intention is to eat as much of Scout, the dog's food as
is possible.  There is a whole system of the "watch squirrel" who sits at the corner of the roof behind my son's house and in some manner, lets the squirrels know when the coast is clear.  They scurry down, one at a time and fill themselves.  It is quite a production.

I noticed today there is no dry food.  Hence no squirrels.

Can you tell I have time on my hands?  ha.  I've got a room looking onto the backyard along with large doors and windows directly to the backyard.  I've been truly enjoying reading and watching the wildlife when the grand kids are not here.
It was at first disconcerting not to have a lot of things to do.  I'm usually busy with this and that, but somehow I've moved into a slower mode and I'm liking that everything related to the guest house and my house is being taken care of by Josefina.  She is so wonderful.

It is still eleven days until I leave.  I cannot think of what I'll do with myself for the next days other then read..............Yikes. 

Of course, maybe this is the prelude to the hectic times that will descend upon me once I'm in the big city of Houston.
And, of that I am sure.  It will be busy until the surgery.............Anything I need to buy to bring back needs to be gotten before the surgery.  Things like fabric, a new pair of shoes and maybe a few more things.
The photos in this post were all taken from the doorway of my room.  If you notice in the  photo of the bourganvilla the stone blocks, it looks like that is black mortar, but in fact that is tiny black stones wedged in between each block of the wall.  Mexican artisans continuously astound me in their attention to detail and craft.

As much as I am grateful for the fact that I am at my son's house til I leave, I do have to admit that I miss the horizons from my house on the hill.  Luckily though, I'm happy to know that the person who is residing there is enjoying the flight of the egrets and ibis every night.  The glorious sunsets and seeing the twinkle of the lights of the town as they come on each night from up on the roof terrace as well.

The person staying in the guest house borrowed my Audubon bird and butterfly guide.  He is enjoying identifying and exclaiming about the many species that alight in the gardens of the property.

It makes my heart happy when people enjoy nature in the little sanctuary that I call home.


Unknown said...

So glad to hear your surgery is back on the schedule. Car fixed? Debbie and I have been in SMA for two weeks and have had a great time. We spent a week in town and a week at Rancho Los Labradores. I’ve always wanted to visit this place and find it to be lovely. I think we’ll spend the summer here to decide if we want to buy here. I have three shiny screws in my right ankle and find walking at Labradores to be much easier. Good luck with your surgery. We hope to meet you when you return.
Bill and Debbie Stuart
Friendly Democrats from Gulf Shores, Alabama

Babs said...

Hi Bill and Debbie- I'm thrilled to hear that you are enjoying San Miguel! I have several friends who live in Los Labradores and they like it. It would be too remote for me as you miss the Mexican flavor IMHO.

I would love to meet you upon my return. Think of Los Frailes as well. It is flat and walkable. By the way, my son is in real estate with CDR/Christie's. Please give him a call and talk with him and tell him what you are looking for. He would enjoy meeting you and showing you around. John's # is 044 415 124-4755. Tell him I gave you his name and number.

Viva Mexico.............

Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Nice to know that your surgery has been rescheduled with only 11 days to go. You'll be up and running by the end of spring... We were wondering where you would stay since your house was rented. Nice to know that John has room for you. Squirrels are a smart lot, to have a system for stealing food...

Best to you and all the gang, be well.

Babs said...

Thanks Peter. It is amazing how things have worked out. Thankfully. John now has a 4 bedroom, 3 bath house. Wahoo.

R. P. said...

We live "at elevation" here in Ashland. Don't think I want to live anywhere without that "upcountry" view. Gato's know that being above everthing is best. On another note, are the Jacaranda's blooming yet? Robert

Babs said...

YES, all of a sudden the lavender canopy of the jacarandas is all over town. I hope to get out and get some photos in the next day or two. So exquisitely beautiful, as always,

I never want to live on "flat land" again either! LOVE the views!