Saturday, November 11, 2017

Nothing Left to Say.............

 These photos were taken about six weeks ago of the fields of wildflowers that were on my frequent route to wherever.
 It seems that my life has been a "route to wherever" often.  I'm kind of at that point now.  In the past, I wanted to share with you the tribulations and sometimes the trials of life in Mexico or whatever, but
right now I want to be quiet. 
 It seems that after eleven years of writing this blog in hopefully, an uplifting and positive way, I've reached the end of my writing road.
I'm more then appreciative of all your emails, phone calls and comments about how much you have enjoyed the blog.  I'm grateful for the gifts, the cards and your many kindnesses, to put it mildly.

When my son was in college, he backpacked through Europe one summer.  When he returned I asked him what impressed him the most about Europe.  His immediate response was that the people did not talk unless they had something to say!  Very astute comment, I thought then.........and now.  It's time
for me to go.

If I change my mind and have something to say again, I'll be back.  In the meantime, if you have questions about moving here, driving here, what to do when you are here in San Miguel or in other parts of Mexico and Guatemala, just put it in the search box on the right side of the blog and voila, hopefully there will be some helpful information.

See you on down the road..................


Peter Kouwenhoven said...

It has been a delight to read about your life in Mexico. And we especially enjoyed staying at your wonderful home in San Miguel. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the silence and hopefully some day we will see another post from you. Best wishes to all the wonderful people we have met through you.

Cheers, Peter and Shelagh.

Babs said...

Peter and Shelagh, Believe me, the pleasure has been mine as well. I thought of the two of you and the joy of meeting and getting to know ya'll. Don't forget me and do come back to visit, whenever!


Michael Dickson said...

I don't believe for a minute that you're hanging this up. I guess you're passing through a blue spell, but that will end. All things end, both good and bad.

See you shortly.

Babs said...

Thanks for your vote of confidence, Felipe.
It has been a rough year..........

Cheryl said...

Well I am sure gonna miss you’re blog, but understand completely. I am just glad I got to move here before you stopped writing. Thanks for all the help!

TakeToTheHighwaydotcom said...

I too am sad to read this. As I look back, I am grateful for your blog as it led me to my month-long stay in "Casa Tranquillo," and meeting a new friend with whom I share the love of Mexico! I surely understand the need for a break, as blogging can sometimes feel like it takes a piece of us. But I hope you will find inspiration after a hiatus to tell more stories of the magia de méxico!

Croft said...

I don't think you are done Barbara, like Felipe says, this is just a "down time". Blogging is a hard thing to stop. Quit for a while, slow down, whatever, but I am sure you are not done with us! :)

Babs said...

Cheryl - one of the greatest joys of writing the blog and meeting readers was connecting or reconnecting with you and Dav! I'm so thrilled that you are here in SMA and so happy. Hope to see your lovely home one of these days.

Take to the Highway! Indeed - Have loved meeting you and reading your blog and keeping up with you. I envy your traveling life!

Croft, We'll see. It had become such a big part of my life with requests daily for information and this and that..........I just need a breather to move on to other things possibly. Again, it was so wonderful to meet you and your darling wife! It would not have happened, except for the blog. Thanks for your note.

Tancho said...

Nothing left to say? Ok, but that's hard to believe but one does need to take a breather now and then, I appreciate the hard work and thoughts you have shared with us for the years, sad to hear that you are tired of the whole shebang, hopefully you will scribe for us again.

alcuban said...

Can't believe you're going to quit talking (or blogging). We'll see about that. Hugs. Al

Barbara Lane said...

Oh my! I've been coming here (to your blog) for ten years and it's such a part of my life it will seem strange not to. I understand, though, the need for a time-out. Along with everyone else I thank you profusely for all you've offered up over the years. You were my first "friend" in San Miguel years before we met!

Your gifts of wisdom, humor, contemplation, education, will live on in what you've imparted. Bless you and yours always, and I look forward to seeing you in town.


Deborah S. said...

I’m a late-comer to your blog, and have enjoyed more for your thoughts on daily living than for specific information about Mexico or San Miguel. I can certainly understand the fatigue that rough times can bring, having been through a few years of them myself. But we’re in Mexico now, enjoying the friendly people and warm skies. We’ll look for you in the Jardine when we come to San Miguel in January. Enjoy today - it’s the only day you have ☀️

Jvineyard said...

Nooo. I can understand that you may need distance. But don't say goodbye just yet. Just say, manana. Whatever is getting you down, I hope things look better with time.

Unknown said...

Your Blog got me dreaming of SMA, Barbara. And now I get there as often as possible for Housesitting or just travel. I tried blogging, I suck at it! And I do not open myself up like you do.
Sit at the Jardin, watch the happy people, have a yummy handmade ice cream. Rest. Enjoy. Remember that "we" are also here for you! Some times in life suck, but having others to fall back on can be very helpful! Enjoy your sabbatical or Retirement! See you soon with a pair of red cowboy boots!

Unknown said...

I’ve so enjoyed reading your blog. Your sweet stories were good for the soul. I’m determined to visit SM someday and I will miss your blog very much.

Retired Teacher said...

As so many others have said, I think that after a hiatus from blogging, you will return to it. You have a talent for finding joy and beauty in little things and an inclination to share that joy with others.
Take care, keep in touch, and remember how many peoples' lives you have touched through your blog.

crynoutloud said...

Bummer. How about you check in with just a hola and then we write you.

I am sitting, just being, like you recommend in Ajijic. Every couple of days I see a monarch butterfly in the garden and I think of you and your blog.

Babs said...

Oh, good gosh, I've been overwhelmed at hilarious and serious emails along with FB posts and your wonderful comments.

Who knew that so many of you had such strong feelings about the blog? I'm very touched.

One never knows what little thing that they do that can touch someone in one way or another.......

Thanks so much, each and every one of you, for taking time to write.

We'll see what happens .............on down the road!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on living in Mexico through your blog. Loved tapping into the other bloggers you shared as well. Hope nothing major is wrong, but I've always found random blogging to be the best therapy.... Best wishes.

Unknown said...

We exchanged emails once. It was my hope to make it to San Miguel sooner rather than later. Hasn’t happened yet. Your blog has kept me connected, (And the camera in the Jardin). When I read your last post this just kept going through my mind. It’s apparent Stephen Sondheim can say it much better than me..
Those of us who have had the pleasure cannot be selfish but to let you move forward as you feel best. We will survive. And who knows, maybe one day soon we’ll meet on a bench in the Jardin.
PS. I heard from Meryl Truett who lives there now. She told me she has met you, I’m glad.

Move On.....Sunday in the Park with George
Are you working on something new?


That is not like you, George

I've nothing to say

You have many things

Well, nothing that's not been said

Said by you, though. George

I do not know where to go

And nor did I

I want to make things that count,
Things that will be new...

I did what I had to do...

What am I to do?

Move on...

Stop worrying where you're going-
Move on
If you can know where you're going
You've gone
Just keep moving on

I chose, and my world was shaken-
So what?
The choice may have been mistaken,
The choosing was not
You have to move on

Look at what you want,
Not at where you are,
Not at what you'll be-
Look at all the things you've done for me

Opened up my eyes,
Taught me how to see,
Notice every tree-

Notice every tree...

Understand the light-

...Understand the light...

Concentrate on now-

I want to move on
I want to explore the light
I want to know how to get through,
Through to something new,
Something of my own-

Move on
Move on

Stop worrying it your vision
Is new
Let others make that decision-
They usually do
You keep moving on

Something in the light,
Something in the sky,
In the grass,
Up behind the trees...
Things I hadn't looked at
Till now
Flower in your hat.
And your smile
And the color of your hair.

Look at what you've done,
Then at what you want,
Not at where you are,
What you'll be
Look at all the things
You gave to me
Let me give to you
Something in return
I would be so pleased...

And the way you catch the light
And the care
And the feeling
And the life
Moving on

We've always belonged

We will always belong

Just keep moving on
Anything you do
Let it come from you
Then it will be new
Give us more to see...

Babs said...

Well, Alton Brecker, you certainly have gotten my attention. How lovely. I do not remember our former correspondence, sorry to say, but do stay in touch.
Yes I met Meryl Truett at lunch one day. Unfortunately we have not reconnected. We have several mutual friends.........
My email address is, if you wish to stay in touch. I'd love to know when you finally make it to SMA!

Ruth said...

Best wishes! I want to grow up to be just like you.

What I See said...

Good luck in your next chapter of your life! Life is all about change! Change is good!

Dana Hill said...

I've so enjoyed keeping up with you on your blog, Babs. And I've experienced the same thing you have, nothing more to say on this subject at the moment. It will be channeled some other way. May you stay happy and fulfilled, Dana Hill in Oakland, CA (friend of Nora Weaver's)

Babs said...

Dana Hill, I wondered what had happened to you. Did I know you are a
friend of Nora Weavers? If not, small world. Thanks for writing.

marilyn said...

Of course, my first thought was how much I've enjoyed your blog and how I'll miss you. And then I realized we won't see the adventures of your grandchildren!!!! We held our breathes years ago when there were few visits, & it seemed to be breaking your heart, then when that was resolved it's been such fun to watch Maddie & Seb grow.

If writing the blog is more of a chore than a pleasure, for your peace you must quit. I'll get in the habit of checking your FB page frequently, and hope you'll note there if you are blogging again.

I'll continue to hope for a Babs' sighting when I'm in SMA and I'll say "hola", if I can do that without barging into your privacy.

hasta luego con un abrazo, Lena James

Babs said...

Lena James, your post tipped me over the edge, among others, I'm back, already.
Please do contact me when you're in town. Would love to meet you.....I always appreciate it when people stop me! Thanks. Yes your comments about Matilda and Seb really let me know that people do read and notice things.

THANKS. See you on down the road.

GinnyClaes said...

Thank you, thank you for resuming your blog. I always think I will spot you in the Jardine, even though we have never met. I faithfully read your blog and consider you another wonderful part of SMA for me. I wish you only the best for all the joy you have brought to me and others.

marilyn said...

Oh!!!! I'm so happy you're going to continue! I didn't expect a new blog today, I was just tuning in to read what comments had been made after mine - and there was the Basset in the jardin and you saying you're going to keep writing! ¡Felicidades for all!

I'm trying to imagine how it must feel to write from your heart, sharing very personal thoughts and not know where your words are landing. I enjoy your regular writers who comment. It's good that the comments here, in response to you deciding to quit, have shown you how you are appreciated.

I look forward to your future entries - when you feel like you want to write, never that you must. I sense the folks here will await patiently

I'm going to make it a must, not a maybe, to meet you when I go to SMA next time.

Thank you, (especially for your words to me) Lena James

Unknown said...

Intriguing, for sure. I just stumbled upon your blog today so now must go catch up. 10 years can fly by so quickly looking back but it gives great insight to lifes' challenges... when I finally arrive in SMA in 2018, I'll be looking for you in the jardin.