Wednesday, November 15, 2017

I Am GLAD I AM A Woman!

Yes, I'm GLAD I'm a Woman, because we are ALLOWED to change our minds!  Actually, all of you changed my mind.  

I have been inundated with phone calls, emails, people stopping me on the street and, of course, the comments on the blog post about having nothing left to say.  It has been an eye-opening experience.

I had no idea that the blog, or my writing, has had such an impact on so many.  From the decisions to travel to San Miguel, move to San Miguel, move to Mexico, or to enjoy the antics of Matilda and has all touched my heart.

A funny thing also happened in the ensuing days since I wrote that post.  I saw something - it's the photo above of Bella, the Basset Hound laying in the middle of the sidewalk in the jardin.  I snapped
the photo thinking, "Oh gosh, that is such a photo of what it is to "just be" in Mexico.  And, then I
had a momentary mental pause when I realized that I was no longer going to be sharing these little
scenes with all of you.

The photo above says a lot.  It's about the pace in Mexico.  It's about the tolerance of others in Mexico.  People walk around Bella and no one thinks any of it.  It's about the serenity that Bella
feels safe enough to lay there, unless of course, someone happens to bring her a treat.

Yes, as all of you know I love Mexico.  I love San Miguel and my life.  And now, I'm grateful to
each of you for letting me know that the blog along with your coffee in the morning is how you start your day.

Here's another photo that I took of the fields of cosmos that were everywhere recently.  
Have a great day!  Stay tuned.  I've been making lists of things that I want to write about.  Sometimes sweet, sometimes uplifting and maybe in the future, even edgy!



La Tejedora said...

Barbara, I applauded your retreat and I applaud your return with some relief. xoxoxox N

Ken Smith said...

Glad you're back! However many messages you received, realize there are more of us out here that didn't reply originally. We look forward to more posts too.

Michael Dickson said...

This change of plan comes as absolutely no surprise. Remember a couple of years ago, Steve Cotton hit some sort of brick wall, figuratively speaking, and said his blog was at an end? He did last a bit longer offline than you, however. But not much.

The fact is that there is no good reason, short of death, to stop writing stuff. We have all the time in the world, plus it costs nothing.

Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Ain't no such thing as a woman with nothing to say!

Babs said...

Peter, EXACTLY! Your comment made me laugh out loud. Fred and Ron had said the same thing a few days ago.......

And Felipe, you are SO right. There is no good reason not to keep writing. I always have a zillion subjects to write about...........but would like to be a little edgier.
And it DOES cost nothing, ha.

Thanks Ken and La Tejadora.

Joan said...

Looking forward to edgier with a lot of dogs chillling(sunning) out!

Retired Teacher said...

On your supposedly "final post", I commented that you take joy in sharing with others. Glad to see that it didn't take you long to decide to continue sharing!

Babs said...

Yes, Bill, you know me well. I would miss sharing the zany, the touching and the beautiful things I see so frequently. Thanks for your note.

Darvin/Marilyn said...

So many of us did not reply to your farewell but are very happy that you are continuing.
Your idea of "edgier" may not appeal to Felipe, but will be welcomed by many others, including me.

Babs said...

Indeed, we'll see what happens, Darvin/Marilyn..........I know there will
be a few topics that will not be acceptable. And so it goes........

Barbara Lane said...

You'd miss sharing and we'd miss your voice. Welcome back. YAY!!!!

Unknown said...

I'm so glad you have decided to keep blogging. I don't comment but have been reading at least 10 years and always enjoy all your stories. Have to admit I live a little bit vicariously through all the Mexico blogs I read. Take care and take it slow if you need to!

Michael Dickson said...

Babs, you are not an edgy person. However, there is hope. I am available for classes in edginess. Relatively inexpensive. Private lessons available.

Babs said...

It has been amazing how many people who have never commented or sent emails have written in the last two days. Woo hoo, I'm so invigorated!! There is NO stopping me now.

Felipe, you have no idea. I'm probably edgier then you. It has been stuffed down for a while, at least when I write the blog. I'm glad you're hopeful. I thought you didn't like my kind of edginess. I'll take you up on those edgy classes if and when I get over in your neck of the woods. I've been trying to get over there for at least the last six months. Now that I have a Mexican plated car, there is no telling where I will end up.......and when.

crynoutloud said...

Hola Babs,

Sigh of relief here. Dog metaphor made my day already while I sit this morn. with my coffee.

I've been over the edge many times, so let me know when you get there. Maybe I can give you some advice.

Babs said...

So good to hear from you crynoutloud..........My email address is above in my answer to someone's post, if you ever want to correspond that way.

Over the edge is an appropriate thought as things "piled up". Aaaah, that is me sighing in relief. It has been a rough year.

GinnyClaes said...

Edgy...bring it on. We women have every right to roar!!!! And, if others cannot take the heat, there is a door out of the kitchen. So happy to have you back! Perhaps I still will find you in the Jardine some day. If not, I will continue to enjoy experiencing you through your blog.

JT Fields said...

Hi Babs, my partner and I interrupted you and your friends while having coffee at Rincón de Don Tomás two weekends ago. Hopefully not too interruptive. We are just starting to look for a home there. It was only a few days later that you posted your farewell letter. I am so glad you have since decided to at least keep the door open to blogging. Your insights have helped me understand the spirit of SMA that a guidebook or magazine article - or even a week long visit- just can’t capture. Thanks for sharing your views and insights.

Unknown said...

I haven't been reading faithfully, I admit. I was thinking early this morning that I admire your faithfulness to your blog. Honey, we need you! Changing your mind is part of being human. I resumed writing at the

I change my mind a lot. I really am happy you changed your mind. Now go and read a silly piece at my blog about being a woman. Period. Or without.

Unknown said...

Happiness is finding BabsBlog back in the inbox--that made my day. Loved the title.

Babs said...

My goodness ya'll! This has been like an amazing week with messages either from people who have not commented in a long time.....or never! What a joy. I'm so glad to hear your comments on what the blog means to you. It has really been uplifting.

I'm glad to hear from you Laurie Matherne since you escaped Honduras. And, I'll be checking out your new blog. Again, thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Oh, and TO ALL OF YOU.......if you are in SMA and we have never met - I would so very much like to meet either on the bench or for coffee or whatever. DO let me know and I'll make a point to be in centro.

Hasta manana.

Unknown said...

I’m so glad you’re back! Your blog is really VERY special!

Babs said...

Thank you Judy. I appreciate your taking time to write.
Buen dia!

Unknown said...

Dear Babs,
While I understood your "nothing to say" blog post I must admit my heart sank when I read it.
I haven't ever reach out to you or commented but your post always touched me in some manner. Some were joyous and uplifting while others were obvious in a struggle to understand how we are meant to cope with life's challenges. You inspired me with you words to live life to the fullest each day. I am so so grateful you have resumed blogging what ever form that may reveal!

Babs said...

Thank you Cheryl for your uplifting note at a time of a life challenge! I'm glad that I have brought comfort and laughter to you from time to time.

There have been so many messages from people both in this way and by email that I consider myself a VERY lucky lady.........


Anonymous said...

Hola Barbara!
I'm glad you changed your mind. Though I haven't been a particularly diligent blog reader lately, your blog has a special place in my heart. I like to think I've made a friend via your blog, and I've certainly enjoyed reading about your antics, observations, and your ever-wonderful family life.

As someone who blogged and is now bogged down, I can understand wanting to take a break. But it doesn't have to be all or nothing. Just post when you feel like it, and then don't when you don't. Should be simple, right? The perfect is the enemy of the good.

Saludos y un gran abrazo,

Kim G
Redding, CA
Where life is too boring to blog about.

Babs said...

Thanks Kim for taking time to comment. I KNOW it is hard for you now, but
trust me, some day you will look back and be so proud of yourself for doing
what you are doing.

Big hugs