Thursday, October 06, 2016

The Wildflowers are Gone!

The canyon, along with the Obraje reservoir, is usually a very tranquil place.  So much so that the zinging of the hummingbird wings, birdsong along with butterflies fluttering, is about the most activity on a typical day.

It's a beautiful place to behold.  It is an honor and humbling to live in such a lovely place.

With all the rain since mid-June - over 20 inches - glorious wildflowers higher then the Pathfinder have adorned the dirt road next to the house.  Photos can be taken out of the car window as it slowly meanders down the deeply rutted road at about 2MPH.  Here are a few.

Imagine the feeling of "oh no" this morning around 8:30AM when the sound of a bulldozer roared through the closed windows and doors.  What the heck?

Within an hour, I'm not exaggerating, all of the wildflowers that the hummers, butterflies and birds used for foraging were GONE.  Totally.  Truly amazing to behold....and of course, very upsetting.

One of the lessons that I have learned living as an expat in Mexico is that complaining or saying something accomplishes nothing.  Plus, it is not my place to do so.  Even when it is my fondest wish to do so.

Here are the photos of the scraping of the street that was totally completed along with some kind of a barbed wire contraption that divides the street.  Who the heck knows what is going to happen?  Not me......

 Obviously no one knew this was going to happen other then the bulldozer guy and the people who put up the barbed wire.  Looking from the roof terrace down the street, the motorcycle guys were scrambling to get all their stuff out of the way.  Tonight it is all under one white tent.  I presume they are moving.......
 The boulders in the above photo are the ones that the head of the colonia had installed last year when they tried to close this path to vehicular traffic.  It did not last long.  And now, they are being used to prevent anyone from driving into a natural ravine at that point. The photo below is at the end of Day One.
 I've been having conversations with myself all day.  ""Well", I said to myself, "You had all these years
of those beautiful wildlflowers every year.  You and you alone since you are the only house that faces this scene. Be grateful"  Then later on, in another conversation with myself I said, "It could be worse, you could
be in Florida facing a horrible hurricane.  Be grateful" 

By late this afternoon it is my intention to be excited to see what new thing is going to happen out there and hopefully it will be as wonderful as looking from the roof terrace and seeing lots of hummers and butterflies.

One can always Hope..........and, Be Grateful.


Unknown said...

This has been a big day for so many people, you, Steve and my dearest friend who lost her hubby. I am shocked to see the change. I wonder what will be the end result. If the motorcycle shop goes it will be quieter, if they pave the road it will be less dusty. Life is an adventure in San Miguel for sure. Cheers.

crynoutloud said...

Hola Babs
All homeowners learn fast that nature comes back with a vengeance. Unless you are a green thumb gardener, like I am not, its a war. Hard to tame and control. Go Cubs.

Steve Cotton said...

Last week I complained about the mess the construction workers next door made hauling and leaving their debris across the street. In the spirit of "it could be worse" and "at least, it's done," I can report the paper and plastic debris is no longer there. Someone torched it along with a good portion of the wild vegetation around it. There is nothing quite like the smell of burning green grass, cement bags, and plastic bottles. It was worse fir a couple of hours. But, now, it's done. It really is Mexico.

Babs said...

Shelagh, it is a massive change and the changes continue - I'll be writing about it in the next post!

Go Cubs, Crynoutloud! It appears that if the wildflowers are going to come back on this scraped earth it will be weeds growing between cobblestone or some such material. That's okay, with my green thumb, there is enough nature inside the walls.

Steve, I hate the smell of burning trash. That used to be an every day occurrence in Mexico about 15 or 20 years ago. Luckily I have not smelled or scene burning trash in years over here. I did see quite a bit of it when I was at Calechosa. I was surprised. There is a silver lining to the scraping of the street. I'll write about it tomorrow.........Glad Barco is doing better!