Wednesday, October 12, 2016

All GOOD News!

First of all, yesterday afternoon, out of the blue, the Vonage phone rang.  I knew it was a call from the USA, but had no idea it would be such an important call.  The Vonage phone is great because whoever calls can leave a verbal message which pops up on your computer.  The message was from the mail service who I
have been in contact with many, many times since August 24th. 

That was the fateful day that I took the precious package to them to send UPS to my grandson for his 18th birthday on September 4th.

The woman was calling to let me know that she was in Laredo and the package had been found.  Did I still want them to send it to my grandson?  Of course.  Most important though was to make sure that the correct
information was on the package as it had been a long time since I had handed it over and no telling the shape of the label or anything else.  We finished that business of reconfirming the destination.  Hopefully UPS has
picked it up this morning and the package will be at his home by the weekend.  Oh, I so hope. 

I am thrilled that it was found.  That they called and that I can now know my grandson will be able to see all
the photos of he and his Mom when he was first born and throughout his life to now.  Christopher was 5 1/2 when his Mom, my daughter Jennifer, passed on.  So, that explains why the package is so, so precious.

On another note!  Last Friday morning, the day after the earth was scraped clean of wildflowers and debris, including the motorcycle shops complete inventory, there was a big ceremony right outside my house.  Literally.  I could have watched the whole thing from the dining room window, but instead participation was
the name of the game.  I sat among my neighbors to hear what is happening.

It appears that the land that has been the walking path has been donated by the person or persons who owned it and it will become a plaza for the neighborhood.  The plaza will be where the motorcycle shop had their stuff and the part of the area will be set aside closest to the edge of the canyon for enjoying the view.

The architect, city official, heads of the colonia and who knows who else were all here for this big announcement. 

Here are a few photos.

Yes, it is apparent that there will be much noise while building whatever it is that they have planned, but for the colonia, it will be a beautiful and welcomed addition.   To say I'm thrilled that the view of all the junk from the motorcycle shop is totally gone would be a vast understatement.  I'm sure those living right close to it are
as ecstatic as me.

I'll keep you posted on how a scorched earth area becomes a place of beauty.  Stay tuned.


Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Wow! Great news on all levels. We're thrilled that Chris' parcel has been found. And that the dust issue will be gone from the path. The view from your home is one of the nicest in the area and now it will be even better.


Cheryl said...

Great news about the photos! ! Of course I didn't have a doubt it would be found because I prayed to St, Anthony (the Saint of lost things) right after it was lost. He has never let me down!

Babs said...

Thanks Peter. I have been lucky to be able to enjoy this view for all of these years. And, now it will get even better. Interesting about the dust, I just never notice that, but then, I don't walk down that path because it was too uneven for me. Well maybe back when I first arrived here I did, but not in a long long time.

Indeed, I'm thrilled that Christopher's package is on its way...I can now exhale. Well, I think I'll wait til he calls and says he has it.

Babs said...

Cheryl - You are such a sweet person. Thanks for praying to St. Anthony! I wish I had known. I would not have been such a wreck. I remember praying to him as a child when I went to Catholic school. I'm thrilled beyond words and thanks to you for caring.......

La Tejedora said...

Barbara, I'm so happy that your cherished, irreplaceable package has been found and sent to Christopher. Please do let us know when he has actually received it. I've used this St. Anthony prayer with amazing results. Say 3 times, "St. Anthony, St. Anthony, please come 'round; Barbara's lost something that can't be found."
xoxoxoxox Nora

Retired Teacher said...

Great news! I am so happy for you that the package was found! I figured that it would show up sooner or later... although I thought it might be Christmas before it was discovered.

sylvia said...

Sounds like a beautiful day all around!!! So happy to hear about The Package!đź’ś

Barbara Lane said...

Oh Barbara! Blessed be! I, too, prayed to St. Anthony. He's never let me down either. I talk to him daily. I cried to read the precious package has been found. I knew it, I knew it - it will be delivered and viewed at the moment in time it is meant to be. Amen and Hallelujah. Thank you for sharing this joyous news!

marilyn said...

Yay!!!! the invaluable package is on it's way again, and this time it will arrive as addressed!!! I've thought about it several times since you wrote it was lost.

And the new area for gathering & viewing sounds like it will be very nice.

Bill in Austin said...

What great news! I was heartbroken for you when it was lost. The news has made my day!

Babs said...

Thanks to you, Bill in Austin, Marilyn, Barbara Lane, Sylvia, Bill and Nora for taking time to offer your relief at the fact the package has been found! As I write this, it is on the UPS truck to be delivered before 10:30AM this morning. Of course Christopher is at school, but I hope to hear from him tonight! I'm beyond thrilled.

I'll keep posting photos of the new plaza for all to see - that is when they start the project! ha.

Thanks again. Ya'll make my life so joyful.

Dana Hill said...

This news makes me so happy, Barbara!

Babs said...

Thanks Dana! Me too and so is my family........