Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Still on My Mind

Two things happened yesterday that are still on my mind.  Both were lovely, positive experiences.  No photos, but sharing the experiences might highlight your day as it did mine.

Arriving at Don Tomas on the jardin for our Monday morning gathering, the place was packed with people in town for the international film festival.  It was a surprise to see so many people still around.  Therefore there were no chairs or tables available outside or inside.  Waiting for a while with others, I spotted a table that was not being used next to a couple.  Timidly, I walked up and asked in my pitiful Spanish if it would be possible for us to use that table.

Imagine my surprise when the man responded in perfect English!  Born in Mexico City, he has lived in the USA, Kansas City, since he was seven years old.  He said of course we could have the small round glass topped table and as I started to lift it, he told me that he and his friend, a surgeon from DF, would move it for me.   Aaah, a gentleman.  They did move the table.

Then a young man around twenty years old who was sitting on a chair, told me we could have their chairs as I protested, "Oh no".  Not only did he give us their chairs, he got one more from another part of the patio and brought it to the table.  I was overwhelmed at their kindness and manners.

Mexican Nationals nine times out of ten will make me feel as though I'm an honored guest, no matter where it is.  I couldn't thank them enough.

Once we were settled the first man from Kansas City struck up a conversation and asked several questions after he had introduced all at his table to us.  I finally asked what his occupation was in Kansas City and he told me that he owned several restaurants.  Ahhh, then the conversation went on for quite a while.  At some point he said, "You are blessed to have so many friends"  By now there were about ten of us around this one tiny table.  I smiled.

Leaving that experience which was still in my smiling mind, I headed to Mega for groceries.  It had been several weeks since I had purchased groceries so it was a long, up and down each aisle, shopping excursion.
At the front of the store there were many people in each line to pay for their groceries.  I found a line and waited.  By now my bad knees were telling me to hurry up.

Just about the time I reached the place to put the groceries on the conveyor belt, a manager came up and said he was going to close that aisle and I would have to go to another line.  I looked over at all the lines with four or five people in the lines and knew I couldn't stand much longer.  So, I did something I've never done before.  I told the manager I have bad knees and would it be possible for me to be the last customer in this line.  He agreed!

Not only did he agree, but he helped me load the groceries on the conveyor belt and then once that was done, he went to the other side and helped the clerks bag my groceries. Stunned does not possibly explain how surprised this experience was for me!

Two acts of kindness in one day.  Wow!  I came home smiling and grateful for the civility and Old World manners of men in Mexico.  Add to that that I'm grateful that I notice these acts of kindness.  It makes life so worthwhile.


Anonymous said...

I was born and raised in Kansas City (still live 15 minutes from downtown) and am curious if you remember the name of the man from Kansas City and if he gave you the name of his restaurants?

Babs said...

Cat, sorry, we never exchanged names and I did not ask the name of his
restaurants. Wish I had done both.....

Unknown said...

Darn, I was going to ask as well. I live in Kansas City, MO as well.