Sunday, February 08, 2015

Tiptoeing through the Tulips

Each year I await with great anticipation the large garden sale at Parque Juarez.  Strolling from one end of the park to the other amidst rows of roses, tulips, primrose, bromeliads, hydrangeas and orchids is absolutely a delight.

This year did not disappoint.  Going early in the morning helps to avoid the crowds that are there on the weekends and in the later afternoon.

I "ooh and aaah" as I walk along.  While walking, men with wheelbarrows come up to ask if you want them to follow with you as you select plants to purchase.  Then they will take them to your car or taxi to take home.

Isn't that great?  However, I always like to walk through, look, price, and then go home and figure out where I need to fill in with a FEW plants.  It is necessary for me to control my impulse to buy everything!
 Cost of plants?  These roses were 2 for 50 pesos, which with the current exchange rate would be less then $3.50USD for two plants.  I don't buy roses, as much as I would like to, because one year the cutter ants ate three bushes in less then an afternoon.  It is not worth the horror and dismay to experience that again.
 Herbs, macetas (flower pots), you name it, it is here.  Mexico exports a lot of flowers and plants to the USA.  We get the benefit of the industry.  Many of the license plates on the little trucks parked around town are from Puebla.  You can drive for miles and miles and miles in that state and see fields of gladiolas, roses, geraniums - well you get the idea.  Everything.
 The orchids this year seemed more plentiful then in past years.  All kinds and all sizes.  Glad I left my wallet at home.
 While meandering at the market on Friday morning, a group of little children came through.  Fun to see them in their uniforms enjoying the flowers.
And, as I left through the fresh flower arches, here was the banner for the sale.  Am I going back?  Of course.  I will have my list and my wallet and my budget - it's the only way I can go and not buy too much.

If you're in San Miguel - go by and buy beautiful plants.


Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Stunning colours!

Barbara Lane said...

You should write for the Atencion. Seriously. You nail stirring a feeling for something every time. I've never been to this sale and only now know what I've been missing. Thank you.

Babs said...

Indeed, the colors are SO beautiful and stunning, as you say, Peter.

Barbara, but THAT would be a job.
Glad you liked the post....RU in San Miguel?

Retired Teacher said...

Lovely photos, Barbara!
Even though right now it's freezing cold in Ohio, in a few months I will be doing the same thing... and trying not to go overboard with how much I buy.
I wish the prices at the nurseries in Ohio were similar to what you pay in San Miguel!

Babs said...

Thanks Bill. THAT is what makes it so difficult for me - bedding flowers are 15 pesos, with the exchange rate, about $1USD.....
The only expensive plants at the sale are the orchids, which you can get less expensively at Trader Joe's in the USA!
It was 26F here yesterday morning and 30F this morning, but right now it is 80F! Amazing. 50 degree difference from morning to afternoon. GLAD it's not snowing....

Barbara Lane said...

No, unfortunately I'm not right now. A friend just asked last night when I'm going back and I don't know yet. Can't be too soon!

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