Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Velcro, The Guard Cat

Velcro has been in rare form for the last three weeks.  She has been checking on the bulldozer, the dirt piles and the workers.  As the dirt piles get larger and larger next to the house, she climbs up on the wall to look down and see how much farther until she will be able to just step off the wall onto the top of the pile.

Here's a photo of her sitting at the gate watching me taking photos of the demise of the formerly beautiful vines and plants on the front of the house.
As you can tell, she doesn't look very happy.  She's not smiling or anything.  Just contemplating the rocks and mess.
Neither do the vines.  This is all that is left of the grass and the vines which were trailed up the wall.  It's hard to believe that one flower is actually blooming with all that concrete along with boulders on top of it.

The neighbors, Velcro and I are all contemplating how many more weeks of this it will take to re cobble the street.  Get the rocks off of our houses and life will return to normalcy.  Wanna bet?
As if the street in front of the house isn't bad enough, now there are piles of rubble.  We are all in great hopes that it will be used to resurface the death defying road on the side of the house.  That is my car where it is now being parked until I can get it back to its proper parking place. 

Yesterday one of the parents got too close to the rubble and a boulder was wedged under the front tire.  The guys couldn't get the boulder out so four of them lifted up the front end of the car and someone else got the boulder out.  An extraordinary sight!

Enough already with all the drama!  Hopefully it won't be long and the tranquility will return.

But to add to all this, my tinaco (water tank) on top of my house burst yesterday.  No, I don't have any photos.  I was too busy trying to get someone here to turn the water off on the tank.  It looked like Niagara Falls was on top of my roof.  Water running off in torrents into the dirt pile.  It's a good thing I had just returned home from lunch.  New tinaco installation on Thursday.  Another adventure.  I can hardly wait.....

As Roseanna Anna  Danna used to say, "It's ALWAYS something"  


Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Good grief! When it rains it pours.
Maybe Velcro is contemplating a giant litter box...

Shannon said...

We drove by your house recently and saw Velcro surveying the street across from your house. She did not look impressed. At least we assumed it was Velcro.

Babs said...

Funny! Peter........I don't have a litter box in the house. Never have, so Velcro's litter box IS outside.

Shannon, she sits out there and waits for me to come home. I have been parking up the street a bit between a wall and a house. She RUNS up there when she sees me and then walks home with me! She is definitely NOT a feral cat anymore. Makes me laugh, for sure.

Anonymous said...

A burst tinaco! I've never heard of that, though I suppose (and we now have proof) that they don't last forever. Hopefully they install the new one when there's enough water to fill it.


Kim G
Boston, MA
Where our own cat takes a dim view of large machinery. Or small machinery.

Babs said...

Kim, it happened on the roof of the guest house about 5 years ago so I now know what it is! Thankfully, after this one is replace tomorrow, I won't have that to think about again, hopefully.

Velcro does NOT like loud noises of any kind, especially from dogs and bulldozers!

Retired Teacher said...

Hope your tinaco was replaced today without any problems... and I hope your street is repaired and the mess cleaned up soon! (But, sadly, I have a feeling that the street is going to take a while.)

Babs said...

The tinaco has been replaced. However, the dirt piles remain. It is definitely a "lesson in patience"