Thursday, July 03, 2014

An EXPLOSION of Color!

 With over ten inches of rain at the house since the first part of June, everything is blooming in great, colorful profusion. It is HIGHLY unusual for us to have had this much rain this early.  I'm NOT complaining.
These two photos are only the lower patio.  There is much more to photograph.  However, these are the flowers I see on a daily basis from my computer desk or reading chair.  To say that I love looking up and seeing all this color is a major understatement.

In February when the chain link fence (that wasn't even visible due to plants) was torn down, there was very little left.  Even the bougainvillea were hacked down.  Yes, everyone told me it would come back, but I never imagined it would come back this fast or luxurious.  Thankfully.  The fuscia color is so intense.  From the second floor living room window, it fills the windows with color.

The second photo is the view from the kitchen window looking down the walkway.  It is a sylvan glade of green and color.  The plants are happy and so am I! 

Indeed, now with all the new plants and different shade patterns, Velcro has found other sunning and hiding places to enjoy her daily sleeping or hunting life.  I spotted her the other day in a little patch between the butterfly lilies and the oleanders stretched out like the Cat Queen that she thinks she is.

As I write this at 2PM, the clouds are rolling in with the look of rain coming in a few hours.  It seems to hit about 5:30PM each evening.  How do I know that?  Well, it often knocks out the satellite TV at the thirty minute time frame that I watch the news.  The ONLY time all day that I watch the news.  Oh well, I'm probably better off not knowing the news.

There is more to photograph - the night blooming cereus have started blooming.  The oleanders have finally gotten leaves now that the cutter ants have left.  The orange flowers that pop out everywhere are blooming everywhere too.  Little by little, the yard is beginning to fill in in the empty spots left from the February devastation.  I'll share more with you as time goes on.

The birds  are having a field day with the avocados, the pomegranates and of course the lemons blooming and fruiting.  The white breasted hummingbird flew full force into the window the other day.  Bad maneuver.  But, while laying on the ground, under my watchful but distant eye, it came back to life and flew off.  It is back daily at specific times.  IF the TV is on, it flutters up to the window and hovers there for quite a bit of time.  What the heck is that all about?

Nature is a wonderful, joyful thing to observe.  I am blessed.  Life is good.


Retired Teacher said...

Glad to see that Mother Nature has so quickly brought your garden back to its previous lushness. The photos are lovely. The last time I was in Mexico I read a newspaper article warning that climate change would bring less rainfall to the country. It seems that this year at least, you are having above normal rainfall. My friend in Mexico City has been talking about the heavy rains also.

Babs said...

It has been the most unusual May and June in the 14 years I've been here. I'm not complaining at all. In fact, it has been so cool I go around the house in socks! Sheesh.
The nights are back down in the 50's. Perfect!
Hope you come down for a visit after your European Escapade!
I need a trip to DF........or wherever, if you're not heading this way.

Shannon said...

You're right Barbara. All this rain has left the plants in town in utter bliss. My little back yard is a riot of colour and the little orange tree can hardly stand up under the weight of all the oranges.

Babs said...

Shannon, it's amazing what water will do, isn't it? I"m loving all the color.

Caddie said...

Such soothing views you have,Babs. Just so nice. Weird, my mind just conjured - cup of hot cocoa...ha,ha, and I don't even drink cocoa. I'm curious about your brick wall and would like to see the other side of it. The top? what is that layer? I'm dim-sighted.

You know, the short time I've been following you has caused me to daydream living in Mexico...I wish! So beautiful - what I've seen.

A 'cold front' here soon too. A blessing for me. The heat has been miserable...and no rain, just promises/false predictions for drenchings.

Ha. Ha. Caught myself recently, while watching local weatherman, spouting out to him: "Liar, liar, pants on fire." Luckily, I live alone so I wasn't heard, except by my furry kids; they fully tolerate me.

Looking forward to your next posts. I like your blog - very much.

alcuban said...

We're lucky not to have been hit with the drought that is affecting some places up north, like California and parts of Texas.

You're doubly lucky to have such a beautiful yard. And your lemons are terrific.


Babs said...

Driving to Celaya today, I was enchanted by the height of the cornfields, the green of all the other crops and I THOUGHT I saw brussels sprouts - a field of them!

We ARE so blessed to live where we have rain, great fresh food and all the other things.

Glad you're enjoying the lemons. There are more where those came from!