Monday, August 26, 2013

The Road Home

While out running errands this morning, it was impossible not to notice the dark, threatening rain clouds all around San Miguel.

It's unusual not to have azure blue skies with white puffy clouds or no clouds.  This is kind of fun to see.  For a while that is.

I started taking photos on the way home on the cobble stoned road that is part of the Royal Road up by the Botanical Garden entrance.  The road home.

The clouds are dramatic to say the least.  Tropical depression Fernand is
headed this way.

We are starting to get the outer bands of rain and winds.  It's not a strong storm
nor is it supposed to do anything other then lots of rain. 

Possibly 4 - 8 inches of rain and in isolated areas 12 inches, which is a LOT for Mexico at one time.
I check these warnings on several weather sites on the internet along with getting advisories from my friend Vandy in Galveston.  I'm fascinated by tropical weather.

I guess if you lived on the Gulf Coast most of your life, as I did, you never stop looking up at the skies when tropical weather is threatening.  We need ten more inches in San Miguel before the rainy season is over - but not all in one day!
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Shannon said...

I'm really enjoying sitting here listening to the rain. It comes all to seldom and all to briefly. Although we do seem to be getting a little more rain this year.

Babs said...

I like rainy days. It calms me. I just wish it wouldn't be so cold. It seems to me it has been much chillier this summer then ever before.
I'm contemplating getting the fall/winter clothes out and giving up on the white summery things!
How are you doing?

Steve Cotton said...

It will all come while I am there.

Babs said...

Possibly, but I hope not. It's still raining this evening but not hard......

Anonymous said...

I have memories of being in SMA with F in July of 2011. It was raining torrentially, and the streets had turned into fast-rushing streams. Fortunately we also experienced beautiful weather, but that storm was to remember.


Kim G
Boston, MA
Where we think thunder and lightning is a real treat, though the cats disagree.

Babs said...

You reminded me of the first time I got caught in a downpour and tried to leap over a puddle,, which was really a rushing stream right next to the jardin! Needless to say, I didn't leap high or far enough.
I was shocked at the torrents of water rushing down the hills.

Shannon said...

I'm doing well thank you Barbara. Home from the hospital and very glad to be here. You are right though, it is quite chilly.

Babs said...

Think of you daily. Hope your pain has subsided and you are healing. IF you need anything, call me. I don't have your email address or phone # so I can't email or call you.........