Tuesday, August 27, 2013

On the Road to Delores Hidalgo

It's strange that in the last couple of weeks, I've been out on this road for dinner, twice.

I quite frankly, when we have a zillion restaurants in San Miguel, don't understand why
people drive out here to eat.

But I did on Sunday with my friends from Houston and a couple of locals here in San Miguel.
Destination, La Burger.

I had heard lots about it since it opened probably at least a year ago.  The most frequent comment was the fact that a burger cost around $14USD.  Absurd, I thought and think.

The restaurant is super casual and has a fun vibe.  The company was great fun, as always. The wait was twenty minutes which astonished me for a table!  

More then the food, I was extremely impressed with the wait staff.  From the hostess who had us in a wait mode for a table to the servers.  All were very well trained and were extremely hospitable in a good way.

It's a limited menu.  Also a good thing, I think.  They hand roll all their burgers.
They are cooked on this grill gizmo which is unique.

I got the smallest burger which was too small for the big bun.  Other then that, it was ok.

I should mention that when I go out, unless its to Tookie's in Seabrook, I'm not planning on eating a burger.  Therefore burgers don't typically impress me.  Today was no exception.

Sadly, I have to say if you only took the food into account, it was not worth the price.
When you take the people, the ambiance, the waitstaff, then maybe.

You be the judge, go try it.
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Rick said...

More and more when going out with friends the features you mention are as important as the food. Here in SoCal with horrible traffic and crowds even getting to a restaurant takes creative planning. Enjoying the entire experience is what matters and it seems your mission was accomplished.

Steve Cotton said...

I am not a hamburger fan, so, I doubt I will visit this place next month.

jennifer rose said...

I used to like the place until they pulled the "We're not seating of tables of 2 today -- only tables for 4" line. And it wasn't particularly crowded at that time. And if that wasn't enough, the hostess followed us out, saying "Come back when you can make up a table of 4 or more." I told her there woulnd't be another time. And there hasn't.

Babs said...

Rick, so true, the mission was accomplished......

Steve, there are about 200 other restaurants to try or go to!

Jennifer - Wow. I think they mended their ways as the hostess could not have been more polite and courteous.

Don Cuevas said...

I'm a fan of a good burger, so I would try this place if I were in the area. But I doubt that we would be in a party of four. What if the two of us ordered enough for four?

Don Cuevas

Babs said...

Sounds like a plan to me! And, we did see two people at tables so I think what happened to Jennifer is no longer the way they do business!

Shannon said...

I have yet to eat there. It is ALWAYS packed. I figure if you can't get a parking space, you can't get a table. Still, I would like to try it and see what all the fuss is about.

Babs said...

Very smartly everyone has to park, I think, in front of the restaurant giving the impression of a full restaurant. It WAS full the day we were there I'd say, guesstimating that there are about 20 tables. Maybe 25~! Let me know what you think after you go, ok?