Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pizza Pig - ven a comer oink!

Thursday evening I ventured out the road to Dolores Hidalgo to KM 5.5 for pizza at Pizza Pig.
Actually since I'm on a weight loss plan, my intention was to eat their Caesar salad or some kind of salad.

Traveling with my friends Bill and Trey, it was a whiz to get there.  About ten minutes. We typically go at an off time so seldom are there many people there.  But I've heard that often, especially on the weekends that it is packed with people from near and far. The waiters have kept tabs of how far people journey for their pizza.  They think the farthest are people from San Luis Potosi which is 1 1/2 hours away.

The owner, formerly from NYC definitely knows how to make pizza.  The great thing is he uses the best of the best ingredients.  All made to order.  Bill and Trey ordered the vegetarian and then added Italian sausage, pepperoni and  one more meat.

The owner, Tim, was telling us what isn't on their clever menus.  Sweet potato fries and chicken wings.  I love anything made from sweet potatoes.  My order was for a Caesar salad and an order of sweet potato fries.  I bake mine at home using olive oil.  I think these were fried.  To top off the meal, they have dessert pizzas with all kinds of fruits and/or chocolate.  WE ordered chocolate with bananas.
Oh well, back to the eating less the next day.  One piece of the dessert pizza was pure bliss.

The clever menu is what my friends are looking through for their photo shot.  The business card comes with a small piece of elastic and a place to cut out the center of the card so you can stick your nose through for a photo.  Very, very clever.  We did not test that though because I wanted to save the card.

It's so much fun when restaurants or retail establishments display a sense of play and humor.  It doesn't happen that often.

The restaurant is open Tue - Sat from 1-9 and Sunday from 1-8.  The phone # is 415 110-2153. Cash only.

Tim hopes in the near future to have delivery pizza from a kitchen in San Miguel.
I think all of his customers wish him well in this endeavor.

Great pizza, fun ambiance and a guy from NYC with a restaurant in San Miguel.
What's not to like?

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Shannon said...

I think Pizza Pig makes the best pizza in town too. Tim also makes his own Italian sausage, which is why it is so delicious.

Babs said...

Thanks for mentioning that Shannon. I forgot to do so. Actually they were making Italian sausage while we were there that night!

Steve Cotton said...

Your "cash only" comment caught me off guard. Thought I: "What else would you pay with?" I really have become a Melaque boy.

Babs said...

I'm with you - it never occurs to me to use a credit card - very few places here take credit cards - at least the places I go to!

Croft said...

On my list! Thanks for posting.

I always have a hard time finding good pizza in Mexico. "Good" = with tomato sauce.

Babs said...

Glad to be of assistance. There used to be a great place in PV. I thought the best pizza I had ever eaten - still do. Doubt its still there. It's been close to 25 years since I was there. How can that be?

Anonymous said...

I think the most successful restaurants never lose sight of the fact that they're in the entertainment business. Many of us can cook anything we want, but go out for other reasons.


Kim G
Boston, MA
Where we favor Pizzeria Regina and Santarpio's.

Babs said...

You are SO right Kim. That's why I always tried to add an element of surprise and fun, when appropriate with furnishings, accessories or some subtle things........

Always good food in Boston!

Blogger said...
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