Saturday, August 17, 2013

Street Scenes of San Miguel de Allende - Friday, August 16th

For some unknown reason, with all my business finished early yesterday morning, I was early to head for the bench in the jardin.  Instead I sat down at Don Tomas, site of our Monday Morning Koffee Klatch group and had a cappuccino by myself.  Something I seldom do.

Since I was not busy talking to people, I had a chance to observe all that was going on right on the street next to me.

The ever present balloon man was just waiting for it to get a little later and children to show up with their parents in the jardin.  Since school starts again on Monday, there have been lots of tourists with children.

Francisco, the waiter at Don Tomas, is always so gracious to all of us.  He has that ever present smile.  He really grinned when I asked if I could take a picture of him.  What a delightful man.

This little girl passed with her Mom and Dad.  I just couldn't resist this photo.

This woman in her ever present apron and shawl was walking to whoknowswhere.  I find it lovely that the older women all wear their aprons all the time. 

My friend, the hat seller.  He must walk at least 10 miles a day selling hats, little wrist bracelets and masks.
He saw that I was trying to take his photo.

So, in this photo he hid behind the hats as a joke.  When he got up to me smiling he said, "Thirty pesos for my photo"  I responded, "But I didn't take a photo of you, just the hats because you were hiding"
He grinned and laughed out loud.

I see this woman every Monday and Friday.  I think she hauls trash to the garbage truck every day. Businesses or a business must give her the job to do that and then pay her to carry all that to the truck.

There is a woman in my colonia who collects garbage from neighbors, gets paid 10 pesos per load and then goes through it for whatever she can recycle for her family. 

After my cappuccino, I moved to the bench.  By now it was 11:30 and the group was there to greet me.
As I looked up I saw Fred, of the partnership Ron and Fred who I often travel with (and a long time friend), leading tourists on a walking tour of San Miguel. 

Quite a significant number of tourists in town.  Good sign.

One thing is for sure, there is never a moment that I don't see something to photograph on the streets of San Miguel.  EVERY day is different.  As is life here.  It keeps things very interesting!
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Shannon said...

I love the Jardin, I can spend hours sitting on a bench and wandering around people watching.

Steve Cotton said...

I am glad to hear San Miguel de Allende is busy with tourists. As is Melaque. For the past few days, I could barely drive through our streets because of the Last Weekend Before School crowd. Even with our heat index hovering at 130. San Miguel's weather will be a relief when I get up your way next month.

Babs said...

Shannon, join me some Monday or Friday. I'm usually there from around 11:15 til 12:15........well on Monday its more like ll:45!

Babs said...

Steve, we ALWAYS have tourists starting at noon on Friday until early evening on Sunday. The town is packed. But for the last 3 or 4 weeks its been day and night...along with the Chamber Music Festival, The Fashion weekend this weekend along with the Wine and Cheese event. Oy vey, its a busy place.

130 index! I had NO idea. I had had a fleeting thought of driving over for a week or so. Not now!