Thursday, August 29, 2013

Getting "Goosed" in San Miguel

For over a year, there has been a "creature" looming over the horizon of San Miguel.
About eight months ago I discovered that a friend of mine is responsible for the existence of the "Goose of San Miguel". He is the visionary who created the environment.

When I found that out I emailed him and sent him a photo of a goose in New York state with a request to come visit his goose.

I finally got there today with my friends from Houston.

Other then the goose leading the way, one would NEVER know what is behind the gates of Plaza San Arvino.

I was absolutely astonished once inside to see the size of the property.  Along with that are many warehouse spaces and individual loft spaces that reminded me of artist lofts in Manhattan.

But, I'm getting ahead of myself.  The Goose was all encompassing.

Inside a huge space that will soon be a party venue location, it is possible to look up and see the underside of the goose.  It is also possible to see the structure that not only keeps him (or her) up there, but also allows for the wings to flap mechanically.

Oh wonder of wonders.  Soooooooooo cool.

It took many layers of materials to create the goose.  It will be around for a long time.

The vision of Arvino is staggering.  For once I was speechless.
The size of the property.  The amount of work that has been done to not only build all the buildings but just the paving alone is humongous.

Off to one side is an outdoor amphitheater.  My mind was reeling with all the possibilities of  this property.  The other positive aspect is the close proximity to the libramento (the highway around town).  Easy access and egress for large groups.

This photo actually gives you a good perspective of how large  an area this property covers.

Tucked in the corner, near the goose, is a four room hotel.  No, I didn't see the rooms.
Although I did see the big rooms that could be used for a myriad of activities.

One just NEVER knows what is behind the gates in Mexico!
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Todd said...

Quite the creation.

When you were inside you may have noticed some cranks under the goose.

It seems that they can slowly raise or lower the wings if they want.

I have chatted with Arvino and asked if I can do time lapse photography of the raising and lowering of the wings, I will make a video of it.

Perhaps use the chicken dance song for the soundtrack!

Hey, did he show you his robotic donkey?


Todd said...

Shannon will do the choreography!

Babs said...

No, no robotic donkey,,,,,,wow is all I can say...

There has to be dance for a goose somewhere.

Rick said...

Looks like a nice development but someone should cook that goose.

Babs said...

It makes me laugh Rick. However, if I lived near and my living room windows looked out on it, I probably wouldn't.

Anonymous said...

We have lots of real geese here. They are very controversial birds, though.


Kim G
Boston, MA
Where we are "pro-goose."

Babs said...

In the fall we get migrating ducks, egrets, etc but I don't think I've ever seen a goose. They are majestic birds in flight, for sure.

Matthew Smith said...

I would not have a problem with the goose. But then again I like the absurd and unusual. If I lived in the goose development all I would have to say if inviting someone over was to find the goose. What fun! Jan in Mississippi

Babs said...

As BIG as the goose is, it is not easy to get to - luckily the owner gave us specific directions in a Col with very few street signs. Getting there was an adventure! Then when you do get on the correct street, it's OMG!

Matthew Smith said...

You can't see the goose from your rooftop? Showed my husband a picture and he was not surprised that I liked it.
Jan in Mississippi

Matthew Smith said...

You can't see the goose from your rooftop? Showed my husband a picture and he was not surprised that I liked it.
Jan in Mississippi

Babs said...

No Jan. I'm on the far north side of town and it is on the southwest sided of town. Too many hills inbetween.

Glad you like it too