Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Stars were Aligned!

Don't you  enjoy and love it when you end up at a luncheon where all your table mates "click"?  The subjects randomly jump from one thing to the other.  Lots of laughter and fun.

This happened on Sunday. 

My good friends Ron and Fred joined myself and my friend Bob for Sunday lunch at Gayle's house.
Along with them is their friend Jim from Dallas. Jim is the person who wrote such a lovely commentary about the blog last week His sense of humor was a delight.  It ended up being a table of all Texans.  Two of which are attorneys. 

Gayle's house is formally known as Mansion de la Montitlan.  I think I've written about it before.
Gayle is a former caterer and restauranteur who now only serves on Sundays from a prefixe menu.

It's a breathtaking setting.  Not a large outdoor patio but enough to hold about 40 or so.  The meals are always delectable. 

This past week a couple of the choices were Pork Loin with sweet potatoes and brocolli or Southern Fried Chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy along with zucchini.  The salad was fresh greens with avocado, nuts, pomegranate seeds and home made dressing.  Dessert was a choice of apple pie with ice cream, devil's food cake with fudge frosting or banana split.  In addition, home made foccacia bread is served.  Your beverage of tea, coffee or jamaica is included.

Service is prompt and courteous.  It is what I call a "complete dining experience". 

The menu is emailed on Tuesday each week.  You respond with your reservation and your entree choice.  So easy and efficient.

Add to that laughter and interesting conversation.  You then have a "complete experience".

Life is good South of the Border.
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Shannon said...

That sounds wonderful, we'll have to try it some time.

Babs said...

It is wonderful. The entire meal was 275 pesos for the Fried Chicken, etc and the pork tenderloin was 300 pesos.
It's a well deserved treat!

Unknown said...

i usually enjoy being the only woman at the dining table.

Babs said...

Dana, I don't usually even think anything of it since I was in male dominated industries. It was a common experience. But at lunch on Sunday, a woman came up and asked, "How does a woman in SMA get to have lunch with four men" My answer, "I'll never tell"........

Steve Cotton said...

Two attorneys? One table? No law suit? The town must be magic.

Unknown said...

How does one make contact for reservations? You had me at fried chicken...

Babs said...

Dean, email Connie Mullis at cstar3@yahoo.com and ask to be put on the mailing list for La Mansion de Montitlan.

Enjoy - the fried chicken is incredible!

Babs said...

Yup, it would have been complete with just one more, YOU.

Strangely, the new tenant in the guest house is a woman who is an attorney from Ardmore, Oklahoma.

Are attorneys in my stars or something?