Saturday, July 06, 2013

Hurricane Erick Off the Western Coast of Mexico

The skies in San Miguel have looked like this since Wednesday!  It wasn't til today that I decided to look at   and saw that there is a hurricane ninety miles from Manzanillo!  No wonder we've been getting so much rain.

Yesterday we had almost an inch which is a lot for here - not so much for places like Houston.  In Houston it's not unusual to have four or five inches in a rainstorm.

But, back to San Miguel.  I looked at the weather station statistics here and we've had over 5 inches this year.  Woo hoo.  Of course we need about 21 more inches before the rainy season ends.  That is the end of September.  Hopefully we'll make it.

While looking at the satellite photos on Wunderground, I noticed that there is a tropical depression in the Gulf as well.  The hurricane on the Pacific is pulling some of that precipitation toward us while giving us rain from Erick. 

When storms happen on the Pacific side we get much more rain.  We're, as they say, on the "dirty side" of the storm.  The East side.  This part of Mexico and a lot of it south of here is covered with rain.

It has definitely given us cooler temps.  Yesterday it didn't get any higher then 66F.  Good grief, that is fall weather.

I also noticed on the satellite that there is another "event" almost parallel with Erick.  VERY interesting.

My fascination of hurricanes comes from having lived a block from the water or on the water south of Houston for over twenty years.  They definitely impact your life if you happen to be in their path.

I'm so relieved NOT to live in the path of hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes or floods anymore.

Life is good.
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Steve Cotton said...

So far, we have had just a sprinkling of rain. The last tropical storm went past us on the same course Erick is taking, and the rain was just enough to dampen the streets. I hope we get a lot more. Rain, that is. Even though the town almost always floods when that happens. So far this year, we have only had one good rain storm.

sparks_mex said...

Predicting 3-5 inches with possible up to 8 on the coast. Shouldn't feel it until late this afternoon. Right now the calm before the storm with even a little sun peeking thru

Babs said...

Gosh Steve my friend John says there have been three really big storms and the road is probably closed by now to his property.......funny how that happens. One area gets too much, others not enough.

Sparks, if Melaque gets 8 inches it will be disastrous. Eight inches of rain anywhere would be disastrous if it all comes at once. Stay safe ya'll.