Friday, June 14, 2013

The Summer Rains Are HERE

I came upstairs yesterday evening about 4:30 and looked out the window
in the living room.  Holy moly - a HUGE storm coming from the West.

It looked to me like it would be here at any moment so I didn't take a
chance and go up on the roof terrace to shoot photos.

I hurried downstairs to get my camera and took these shots in about a 15 minute increment.

Honestly by this shot, I started getting slightly worried.  It looked to
me like some of the photos from Oklahoma.

Where I was taking photos is all windows and glass.
Hmmm, should I keep photographing or head for the downstairs bathroom?

In the interest of blogging, I stayed right there and caught the changing sky.

It was about two hours before the actual rain started in my garden.

Today however, a soft rain started falling about 2:30PM.  Early for our normal
afternoon/evening rains.

I'll tell you one thing for sure.  It is a heck of a lot cooler then it was before the rains.

So far this month, and it's only the 14th, we have had close to 2 inches.  The temps have been in the high 50's at night and low 80's during the day.

Praise the God of Rain!
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Billie Mercer said...

Isn't this weather wonderful. A little overcast today but I stayed home and enjoyed the cool and quiet. And when it rains at night...better than a sleeping pill.

Steve Cotton said...

Your temperatures sound perfect.

Babs said...

Billie, the soft sound of the raindrops outside just make me go ahhhhh. I so agree.

Babs said...

Steve, as I wrote that post it was 75 degrees. It's now down ti 70

jennifer rose said...

Yay! And I didn't even have to threaten to perform the naked rain dance on the town plaza.