Sunday, June 16, 2013

The "Doc" is Back - Severinsen That Is

I learned last Sunday from a "reliable source" that Doc Severinsen had moved back to his ranch outside of San Miguel.  I was thrilled.  Not only that, but, he was going to be entertaining again.  Yeah.

Then I read later in the week that he was performing Friday, the 14th, but it was already sold out at VC & Friends.  He entertains with a group of five musicians.  It changes depending on location and venue, I think.

I asked my reliable source who tours with Doc how old he is now.  I remembered when he turned 80.  He is now 86..........and still plays a trumpet, amazingly well.  He's set to have a birthday in July.  I'm sure there will be an outpouring here in town for his return and his birthday.

The above photo is relatively recent.  I did not take it.  I figured out today how to move a photo from Yahoo to my Desktop and to insert it on this blog.  Let's see, I've been writing this blog almost seven years and I just figured this out.  Slow learner is an understatement.

I digress.

IF you're in San Miguel - going to be in San Miguel - or thinking of coming to San Miguel - come on down.  Doc's show is first class and the cover is usually around 150 pesos (approximately $12 USD).

A bargain, to put it mildly.

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Shannon said...

I was so excited when I heard he was performing and so disappointed when I heard that it was sold out. Bummer.