Monday, May 06, 2013

Dining in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

I couldn't decide whether to tempt you with the photos of the Chocolate Truffle Cake or Creme Brulee at Hansen's.  Or the Roast Beef sandwich with all its garnishes.  Or...........well  you get the idea! So, I've provided a humble plate of guacamole with freshly made chips.

We have a plethora of restaurants in this town that leave little to be desired.  Since we have 90 nationalities living here, there is something for everyone!  We are a true international village
with whatever your heart desires. 

Here are some of the food categories.  Japanese, Lebanese, Intercontinental, Thai, Chinese, American BBQ, German, Italian, Indian, Mediterranean, Argentinean, Spanish, Cajun, Noodle shops, and of course Mexican - not Tex-Mex.

We have chefs who have come from the finest dining restaurants throughout the world.  They came looking for a more casual lifestyle, found it and stayed. We have graduates of Restaurant Management programs in the USA that operate well run and delicious restaurants here.

When I came twelve years ago it was common to see men in blazers and ties at dinner in the evenings. Some women in long dresses.   Seldom is that seen today.  Luckily life has become more casual.

You noticed in that list there is not USA cuisine in any restaurant, although many do have on their menus things that are enjoyed in the USA such as club sandwich, ribs,  hamburgers, salads of every kind and description, Prime Rib, Osso Bucco.  You name it, it is probably here somewhere. 

No we don't have chains or fast food.  Well, I take that back.  We have a Domino's that delivers on a motorbike.  We have a  McDonald's on the outskirts of town.  That's about it, that I can think of.
We had a Subway but it didn't last long.  Maybe a year or so........

Add to the restaurants all the moving taco stands, breakfast stands and other stands and you've got a wonderland of food choices.

When people complain to me about the restaurants in San Miguel not having good cuisine, I look at them like they are crazy.  I challenge them to go stay in any other city in Mexico, other then Mexico City, and see if they can find this diversity of cuisine.

Add to that that many of the restaurants adapt their menus to the international taste buds.  That too is unique.

Therefore, the 234 restaurants in San Miguel give you another reason to come visit.  You can schedule it for the Paella Fest, the Wine and Cheese Festival, the Beer Festival or none of the above.

Just come.  You'll be glad you did!
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MexicoRuth said...

Well it's like you haven't left the states....pretty soon you are going to tell me that the stores have signs outside in English.

Babs said...

Oh my gosh, no!
What I find so interesting is that we have 90 nationalities here.

Lotsa Europeans and South Americans, along with Asians.

It makes a wonderful mixture of traditions and cultures. NEVER a dull moment!

Unknown said...

Babs when are the food festivals you spoke of? I'd love to come for some of them! Yum!



Unknown said...

Romano's used to close each month of May, so i'm surprised to hear Hansen's is open this month.

Babs said...

Hansen's is only open three days a week and there are three partners so its not as difficult as it was when it was just one person's responsibility.
Other places in town have closed for a couple of weeks or the whole month.
The town is empty - I revel in that!

Babs said...

Dean - The beer fest was last weekend. The paella event is coming up soon. Look at the website of the Hotel Real de Minas and see if they have the dates. Nothing is ever cast in stone here so you have to read the Atencion to find out.
We used to have a sanctioned Chili Cookoff. But, it got so big they stopped having it. Same with the Running of the Bulls! No more.

Benne' Rockett said...

Merida seems to be slowly inching her way towards a more variety in cuisine. Just this year we have had three restaurants open. A true tapas bar, an artsy little cafe serving Mex-Francais inspired organic lovilness and now, a higher end Central Mexico inspired restaurant.
Though it has been many years since I visited SMA, I found the variety of restaurants a welcomed sight as most of my years in MX had been spent in small towns outside of DF. And you are right Babs, SMA does seem to attract an amazing number of international talents.

Shannon said...

We do have a cornucopia of gastronomic delights here. How lucky we are!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the heads up re the paella festival. Unfortunately the Atencion online is not kept up to date. I think the last update was in 2009, and the newsletter link (for a monthly newsletter to be sent to your email) has never, to my knowledge been active, as I signed up years ago, and again recently (to get a pop-up saying I'd already signed up for it). Alas, when in the states I know of no other way to access the Atencion. Wish I could get it weekly!


Babs said...

Dean, I checked and the paella fest is June 1st this year on the grounds of the REal de Minas. It was FAB last year......
I'll check on Atencion. Some friends in Galveston read it online every week but I don't know how. I'll see them later this week and ask how~

Babs said...

Benne' and Shannon - WE are indeed lucky to have this many restaurants.
Everything from $1 tacos to manypesos meals at Rosewood and Sierra Nevada, among others.
It's all here.

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh - I Googled "Atencion San Miguel" this morning and up came a new, current link! And to think all this time I've been using the old, inactive one, thinking they didn't keep it up! Sheesh.

At any rate, I'm thrilled to have found access to it again. Thank you - had you not said your friends read it online every week I might not have tried it again.

I'm a happy camper now!

Babs said...

Dean, I'm happy to have contributed to your being a "happy camper"!