Sunday, May 05, 2013

The WEIRDEST Sale Ever!

We were ready!  EVERYTHING  was priced!  Coffee and pastries ready.
Six people ready to handle the crowds............

Can you believe anyone could have THIS much stuff to sell.  Well, there
were three of us selling "treasures"!

In the past, when the gate has been opened, people streamed in.
At 10AM we opened the gate and one woman came in.

All this stuff.............all this work........  What the heck?

I had sent emails to about 150 people.  Had posted it on the San Miguel forum called the Civil List, twice.  Had a friend send an email to her customers.  Made a sign for at the end of the street.
Posted it on the blog

Four people came for security, assistance and to collect money.

No more then twenty (20) people showed up.  Hardly anything sold.

We all scratched our heads.  Asked each other many times, "What else is going on in town today?"
We never came up with any answers.

Last sale, last year, at least 300 people were here.  I've had many, many sales over my lifetime but never anything as WEIRD as this!


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Darvin/Marilyn said...

Maybe too many people in San Miguel are now at the divesting age, rather than the accumulating age?

calypso said...

This begs the question as to why you are shedding all this stuff (or attempting to)? It feels like a time when everyone is scaling back. Maybe it is the time of year?

Babs said...

Darvin/Marilyn - NO people who move here and collectors are always looking for unique Mexican folkart. Last sale I made a LOT of money.
Luckily I presold some things and thank goodness for that.

Many people move down here and buy 3500sq ft or larger homes. Takes a lot of stuff to fill them! Often they move all their stuff from wherever but still want more!

Babs said...

Calypso, I've wanted to shed some of it for a while. The money will help as well as the unoccupied space.....

steve said...

Cinco de Mayo?

Babs said...

Nope, I don't know of any place in Mexico that celebrates Cinco de Mayo other then Puebla.
I find it humorous that it has become such a big deal in the USA = a way to sell more booze and tequila!

Donna said...

Were your previous sales at this time of year? I definitely would have been there if I was in town. Maybe others have also left town--escaping the heat?? It is slow season and I noticed how quiet everything seemed earlier in the week before I left.

Maybe you should put stuff away and try again in mid-late June, when folks start streaming back into town (and I can come too!)

Babs said...

Yes, Donna, May is always the quietest of the quiet. I'm contemplating LaPulga in July....or private sales - people coming up to the house and showing them privately.
Let me know when you're back in town.