Friday, April 26, 2013

Jicapextles For Sale - Mexican Folk Art Sale

As I've mentioned before, I have collected for at least thirty years.  The hardest thing to form a collection of were these Jicapextles.  They are treasured by Oaxacan women.  They are worn on the
head in certain ceremonies and processions.  They are filled with flowers and other treasures.
During Guelaguetza there are several dances performed with the women wearing these on their heads.SOLD

All but three of the total collection are old.  Especially the largest one which is 14 inches in circumference.  The three above are nine inch, ten inch and nine inch. SOLD

The photo above includes, from left to right, 8", 10", 14", 10" and 8".
The total of all nine is offered at the price of 5500 pesos or $440 USD.  A steal! SOLD

In the Great Masters book that shows some of the leading Artists of Mexico, Gumercindo from Juventino is listed.  His toys are enchanting as is his cartoneria.  This catrina makes me smile
every morning when I go into the kitchen for my morning coffee. Dimension - 42"h x 19" wide.
Price - 3000 pesos or $240 dollars   She is "one of a kind".

Catrinas are not the specialty of Adrian Luis Gonzales.  He too is featured in the Great Masters book.
Born in 1939, his work making Trees of Life is classic in more muted tones.  His trees of life were in the thousands of US dollars so I purchased something that was not typical.  This man and woman catrinas.  Dimensions 29"h x 12" wide   Price - 2500 pesos or $200USD  SOLD

Irma Blanco of Oaxaca works in a unique style of clay.  I met her along with other Great Masters at Lake Chapala a few years ago.  I've admired her work since the 80's.  What a gracious lady.
Dimension - 8" high  Price 500 pesos or $40 USD - (Slight chip on one side).

A small Tree of Life by Adrian Luis Gonzales.
Dimension  - 7" high     Price 750 pesos or $60USD

Small Candleabra from Izucar de Matamoros
Dimension  9 1/2"High    Price 250 pesos - $20 USD

If you are interested in seeing and purchasing these magnificent folk art pieces prior to the sale on Saturday May 4th, please comment here on the blog and I will contact you.

One more post of photos of items for sale and then we'll be back to the "banter of the blog"!
Thanks for looking.
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Unknown said...

i have a tree of life very much like your candleabra, and it's also from izucar de matamoros.
it was given to me by Rafael, who ran the kitchen at Armando's in Houston, when that restaurant was on S. Shepard. Most of the back of the house was from either Izucar de M or Puebla.
they call that tierra caliente.
Have you ever been there?

Babs said...

No Dana I haven't. When I was in Puebla I wanted to get down there, but ran out of time, unfortunately.
Maybe one of these days on one of my trips to Oaxaca........
There is a Great Master in Izucar. I met him at the show at Lake Chapala but his work was so expensive that I couldn't afford even a teeny tiny tree of life!

Benne' Rockett said...

I love your bowls! I'm on the hunt for off white/green or off white/blue plates. Good luck with the sale.
On another note, I may be headed your way in August. It is a long drive but I think it is time to bring my car back to TX. I'll keep you posted on my plans.

Babs said...

Hope you get over this way! The weather will be wonderfully cool.

Would love to meet you.....