Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mexican Folkart and Outsider Art For Sale - Part 3

There has been a great response to these postings.  A few things have already
been sold!  Moving on to a clear path, ha.
Above is a Judas devil cartoneria character.  Have never seen another one like him
in all my travels.  Probably made in Celaya.  Feet are a little worn. (He's been on them for a long time)
Dimensions - 31 1/2"H x 18" wide - Price $72USD or 900 pesos

In 2007 I traveled to North Carolina to Troutman to meet Hubert Walters, now deceased.
A Jamaican man who was a sailor and worked on boats using bondo.  He began making
creatures out of bondo.  He had a whole little building just chockablock full.  I fell in love with Mr. NoBull, my name for him.  I thought it appropriate for him to live in Mexico.  When I brought him back in the car, he was in the front seat strapped in with a seat belt.  Funny looks at the border!
He's in perfect condition.  Checking the internet, I couldn't find any of his work similar to this for less then $800USD in galleries.  Mr. NoBull is 28"l x 17"high - Price - $450USD

Oldest cartoneria I've ever seen and very unique.  He even has a hat!  Probably made in Celaya.
Dimension - 17"h x 10"w - Price $72USD - 900 pesos  SOLD

Purchased in the 90's in Xilitla, Mexico.  This Day of the Dead toy has a metal crank on the side and when turned a skeleton arises from the coffin.  The front closes and I'll post the front in the next post.
Dimensions 12"w x 17"h x 5"deep - Price $120USD or 1500 pesos

Last Supper - Ocumicho, Mich - Purchased in the late 90's in Tonala. In perfect condition.
Dimensions - 24 1/2"l x 15 1/2"h x 5"deep - Price - $200USD or 2500 pesos  

Four women from Ocumicho -  Dimension - 12 1/2"high - Sold as set -
Price - $32 USD or 400 pesos  SOLD

Painted cross purchased in 90's in San Miguel de Allende Mercado
Dimension - 49"x31"x3" - Price $64USD or 800pesos  SOLD

Cartoneria "she devil" in bikini.  Just HAD to have her.  Found in San Cristobal, Chiapas.
Dimension - 18"l x 6"h   Price - $44USD or 550 pesos  SOLD

If interested in any of the above unique and fun items, please don't hesitate to contact me via the blog.
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Anonymous said...

Babs, is the painted cross sold?

Babs said...

No, want it?

Anonymous said...

800? And I have to figure out a way to get it here. Let me think for a minute or two.

Anonymous said...

The measurements are in inches or cm?

Anonymous said...

Shipping via Redpak would bring the total to nearly 1000 pesos. I had better not do it. Sorry, though, it is lovely--as are all the things you have for sale. That embroidered dress! Love at first sight...

Anonymous said...

Oops, plus shipping it is well over 1000 brain isn't working too well!

Babs said...

Dodo me, I've been responding to you with emails! I said in one email, why don't you and Judith come up in June (after I return from Tx) on the bus for a visit and dinner and spend a night somewhere.
Then you can take the cross back by just putting it under the bus.
I've done that so many times it isn't even funny.
Email me at and tell me if that interests you.........

Anonymous said...

Wow, I have not received ANY emails from you! Let me go see if I can find them somewhere. They´re not on my regular account, wonder where they went!

Babs said...

It was my fault. I wasn't thinking straight and just hit reply to your comments on the blog as though it was an email!

Hadn't had my coffee yet that morning! Ha.......

Saw Billie last night. We're both keeping our fingers crossed that you and Judith come up in June for FUN, FOOD and, if you still want it, THE CROSS......

I might be able to get a comped room for you if ya'll decide to come!

Anonymous said...

Nope, nothing by email! Use, pls.

Anonymous said...

Oh! OK, now I get why nothing got here.

We are going to NY from June 21-30. I think we would have to come in July. And we'd probably drive, it's pretty easy from here to there now. Let me talk to Judy about it. Keep your fingers crossed.

Billie was here and we had such a lovely time with her, just hanging out at the apt for a couple of hours and yakking. If all else fails, you could come here. We don't have a guest room, but...maybe there is something we could work out here, too.

Anonymous said...

WAIT!! Hold the presses! LOL...

Do you know Margo Lane in SMA? She will be house-sitting for us while we are in NY--coming from SMA ON THE BUS! I bet she would bring it down. Duh, I am such a dolt sometimes, should have thought of this before. And if you don't know Margo, you would LOVE her, we do.

Email me, pls.