Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Haitian Art and Mexican Folk Art for Sale - Sale, May 4, 2013 - San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Mexican whistles, purchased in Uruapan - 6"h - $4USD each or 50 pesos each SOLD

I started collecting Haitian art in the 80's when it wasn't expensive.  With the earthquake and the loss of so much art and artists, the prices have gone through the roof.  I can no longer afford to collect.
Signed Alain Castel, Cap Haitien - Dimensions 16Hx24w - Price  $275USD

Another Alain Castel signed piece - Wedding scene
Dimension 20hx24w - Price, $250USD

Port city scene - Signed by Harry J - Dimension 24"wx36"h
Price - $275

Haitian countryside scene.  Signed but name indistinguishable
Dimension 10x15 - Price $25USD  SOLD

Signed Haitian Impressionistic - "Joel, F.I.V"
Dimension 8x10 - Price $45USD  SOLD

Male Catrina with top hat that turns - From Patzcuaro area
Dimension 24" tall - Price $45USD or 550 pesos

Antique head dress worn by Voladeros from Papantla, Veracruz in their ceremonies.  Note the bird feathers used as decorations.  Purchased from Victor's in Mx City (supplier to museums and shops) Very rare.
Dimension - 43"w x 34"h  Price $280USD or 3500 pesos

More to come manana in another blog.

Please contact me if you have any interest in these items prior to the sale on May 4th.
Arrangements can be made to get the items to the USA and shipped to you from there at a cost savings.  Shipping from Mexico is very expensive.

If you're in Mexico or San Miguel, please contact me, if seriously interested, to see the items prior to the sale.

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SandraE said...

I am interested in the Haitian countryside scene and the Signed Haitian Impressionistic. How should we proceed?

Babs said...

Hi Sandra - Where are you located? In Mexico, the USA or where?

Let me know that and then we can proceed, but , basically if you're not in Mexico, you'll need to mail a 50% deposit check to me, then I will get the items to the USA, find out the cost of shipping (for those two pieces it will be nominal). I'll let you know the balance. Once received, then the items will be mailed to you with 2 day delivery.

SandraE said...

I'm in the US. Should I mail you an actual check?

Babs said...

My email address is Let's discuss this via email. OK?

I'm the Mami said...

Wonderful pieces. Funny how much in common you can have with someone you dont "know" - once upon a time I studied in Hatian Studies (and took 3 years of creole at my university) .

Then I moved to Mexico and the Spanish has taken over the language portion of my brain I am afraid :) would need quite a bit more practice to get back the conversationally fluent level of Creole I was in college. To think, I used to speak with my teacher (in class and out of class) in 100% creole and now I cant even get by in the language.

Good luck with the sale! Very unique items, will move quickly I am sure.

Babs said...

Mami - How Fascinating! Where did you grow up and go to college? Where do you live in Mx? I hope our paths cross some day. I think we could sit and talk for HOURS!
Do you have books on Haitian art and artists? It's hard to find out about the older artists! Tell me more.......