Sunday, March 24, 2013

It's Always Something!

My plans yesterday morning were to meet my son for breakfast, go to the Alma sale and to meet a fellow blogger for lunch at 1PM.

Instead, I woke up, my breakfast plans were canceled and so instead of going to the Alma sale.............I threw on my junky clothes,
grabbed my clippers, and assorted gardening stuff and worked all over the many gardens here
for three hours.  I started in the main garden.  Planting and pruning.  Then headed to the roof terrace which needed the most work as the freeze had really clipped some canna lilies and some jade plants.
Then down to the little patio outside my bedroom to finish up down there.  It is, for the most part,
ship shape all over now.  Ready for the warm weather and the sun.

The two story high bougainvilla had not one bloom a week ago.  It is now 75% covered in bloom!

I cleaned myself up, and headed to the jardin early to meet Mark of  " An Alaskan in the Yucatan" for lunch.  He was arriving by bus and since neither of us knew exactly when he would arrive the best
thing to do is meet in an easy to find place.

I arrived to the usual "three ring circus" that is the jardin on the weekends.

There was a magician performing in the street.  A bride and her entourage walking up the
stairs to the Parroquia for her wedding.  And the court jester handing out fliers for a non-event
that you could pay money not to attend.  Very clever.

The first photo is an unsuspecting gringo sitting on the bench surrounded by either high school or university students.  This phenomena happens often.  All of us have been approached at one time or another.  They are students doing research AND practicing their English.  They ask questions and quickly scribble answers on pads.  The questions and conversation is fun.  Usually they are from Guanajuato.  Always polite and appearing to be genuinely interested, topics usually veer from their original purpose and into personal things about where you came from, what was that place like, do you like Mexico, what don't you like?  And, all the time the students are attentive and smiling. It's a delightful experience.

Some friends stopped by while I was watching allllllllll the activities.  And then Mark approached.

Off we went to lunch and to catch up on life for the last couple of years.  His in Merida - mine in San Miguel.  It's always so interesting to catch up with a fellow blogger, always.
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Steve Cotton said...

I should bring my mother and brother up your way.

Babs said...

Absolutely! I can suggest a hotel in Tlaquepaque if you want to take your time and then get here the next day......I can find a b&b for ya'll.
Hope you do. Would love to meet them.