Saturday, March 30, 2013

Getting ready for Easter Sunday

The jacarandas have been blooming for a couple of weeks.  The bourganvillas are blooming and blooming and blooming now that the warm weather is here.

I've been enjoying all of the above.  In fact, I took a couple of days of vacation from retirement, ha,
this week to stay home and enjoy mi casa.

Last week I was like a "whirling dervish".  This week I've been a Spring slug - moving much slower and not having so many projects.

Since the new chaises are now recovered, I've taken full advantage to go out with a glass of iced tea, a good book and a little suntan lotion to enjoy the chaises, the myriad of flitting hummingbirds and even the bees that are busy skipping from bloom to bloom.

I even actually slept til 8AM the other morning.  OMG.  THAT never happens.

I've been getting ready for Easter Sunday lunch in stages instead of my usual frenzy of activities.

The eggs are already boiled for the deviled eggs.  The carrot cake cupcakes have been iced and are ready.  The ingredients for the corn souffle are ready to throw together.  And, a spiral ham is the simplest of all.  Others are bringing other dishes like potato salad and a fruit salad.

Today I met my son for breakfast at Cafe Monet.  Their oatmeal is a delicious treat for me.
Then I bought eggs at Espino's.  Looked for paper doilies - no luck and went to buy flowers from the man on the corner.  Woo hoo, he was expensive today.  He was quoting seventy pesos for just about everything.  Including seventy pesos for one stalk of lilies.  No way, I said (to myself).

So, I hopped back in the car and drove over to the cemetery.  My secret flower vendor on the outside of the cemetery was there.  I bought a dozen white gladiolas for 45 pesos.  And, to my delight, the flower vendor put in some additional little daisies.  That always touches my heart when they give me something extra.  Of course, I always reward them with a big smile, a muchas gracias and a propina.

My wish for all of you, no matter where you are and who you are with is

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Shannon said...

Happy Easter Barbara! It sounds like you will have a wonderful lunch tomorrow. 70 pesos for flowers! Someone is sure taking advantage of all the visitors in town! We buy a dozen roses for 45 pesos or a big bouquet of of mums and day lilies for 40 pesos from a lovely lady who wanders our neighbourhood ringing doorbells once a week.

Babs said...

Yes, that's about what I pay to the man that stops here at the house! I was shocked.......

Steve Cotton said...

The lady at the corner grocery has raised her prices about 30% on everything. When I asked her why, she responded: "Semana santa." We will see if the prices drop. By the way, Easter bunnies and eggs are for sale allover town. I swear we live in two different countries.

Babs said...

No way, Easter bunnies and eggs. Chocolate Easter bunnies? I've scoured the town for years. THIS year I brought Matilda and Sebastian's Easter Basket stuff from Houston.
I did get a lead on jelly beans from someone - that's the closest to anything like that that I've found!
We obviously DO live in two different countries......

Unknown said...

Happy Easter Barbara, Thank you so much for your uplifting blog. I really miss you when you are on vacation. I really wonder if you know how much joy you bring to everyone.

Babs said...

Jennilynn - Thank you so much for such a lovely message.

Your name is very, very special to me. My daughter Jennifer's name was
Jennifer Lynn.........Every time I get a message from you it's like a little message from her too!


Unknown said...