Thursday, March 28, 2013

One Thing Leads to Another.........and Another!

I decided this morning to find photos I've taken in the last twelve years of my time in San Miguel of Easter processions.
Real photos, not digital ones.  I've got boxes of organized photos, believe it or not.  I've lost a lot of digital photos when I've had to get a new computer and not everything got transferred.  I'm so sad about that.
Anyway, I found the Easter photos of processions, lots of them.  You might even get to see some of them if I don't get down to centro to photograph this year.

I also found a stack of photos of various things.  Among them a stack of photos of me in my earlier heyday years - like when I was 45.  And 55.

Who the heck is that woman?  And, more importantly, how do I get her back? After looking at the photos, I got up, walked to the mirror and said, "Nope, that's not me!"

Ironically, recently there have been articles about Karen Black battling pancreatic cancer.  I'm so sorry to hear that she is having a terrible time.  I so hope that her new treatments will be helpful to her.

Back in the late 70's I was told more times then I can count that I looked like her.  I had no idea who she was and have, to this day, never seen a movie that she performed in.

I was at a nightclub one night when a man yelled out, "Karen Black".  I turned around to see who he was talking about.  I kid you not, this is the absolute truth, I was swarmed by people.  It was very freaky.  Now, I have to tell you, I then went home and tried to find a photo of this woman.  I finally did and didn't think she was particularly attractive.  So, I didn't take it as a compliment.

Just this week however, on the internet, I saw a trailer from Five Easy Pieces.  I thought, at this time she was attractive and quirky looking.  Then today when I came across the photos of me, I could see the resemblance, back in the day.  Quirky, ha.

So, what started out to be a search for Easter photos turned into a walk down memory lane. I love that I have the time now to get sidetracked...............and enjoy it!
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Joanna van der Gracht de Rosado said...

Hello Babs... one thing certainly does lead to another. Reading through some of your earlier posts, I found lots of interesting topics and a link to Catherine Mayo:

She is one of my favorite authors and also a wonderful teacher.

It's great to make your acquaintance. I look forward to reading more of your work.

Babs said...

Thanks for commenting. I had forgotten about Madam Mayo. I believe she has been here for the writers conference in the past. I'll add her to the blogroll.