Sunday, October 07, 2012

The Gate to Where?

 This gate that is attached to two handmade stone walls has intrigued me for all the years I've been in San Miguel.  The design is attractive with scrolls and angles.

With the big sunflowers blooming in front of it, it takes on another dimension of beauty.  But, the most intriguing thing is that this gate has nothing but fields on the other side.  For as far as the eye can see.

I wonder and would love to know why such a pretty gate was put here when it opens to nowhere.

Is there a story here?  Is it an analogy for life?  Should I try to step through it?  Do you want to come with me?  What do you think we'll find on the other side besides fields? 

Daydreams are always interesting.
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Irene said...

Step through the gate. Alice stepped through the looking glass. Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy stepped through the wardrobe. Adventure lies beyond.

norm said...

We have a wealthy local gangster who puts up fancy iron gates on his tractor paths. Has five that I know of on his 2500 acres. More money than he knows what to do with is my guess.

Benne' Rockett said...

With a very good bottle of wine and a notebook in hand, I would step through to other side. A story is to be found there.

Babs said...

Irene - I know.....isn't it intriguing?

Norm - How interesting - this gate is pretty old and its right on the Royal Road which is a cobblestoned road high above San Miguel.......There are so many iron workers here I don't think this is an expensive gate.
Benne' - great idea!

norm said...

Love to drive the old Spanish Royal Roads in Latin America. A speed of six miles an hour is about the limit but oh the sights. I spent 10 hours going 60 miles down Guatemala way a few years ago and it was hands down the highlight of that motor trip.

An iron gate like yours would run a few thousand dollars here in Ohio. Our gangster's gates are heavier, truck or car proof but silly because anyone with a 4x4 could drive right around them. Not that I would, I'm not ready for dirt in my eyes.

Babs said...

Norm - MY kind of trip! I did the drive down to Batopilas, 6 hrs to go 90 miles......Yikes! GREAT memories.

A gate like that made here would be less then $500US. When I was designing restaurants in my last life, I would design the gates, have them made in Guadalajara, air freighted to Houston and they still would be less then $1000! SO beautiful......