Saturday, October 06, 2012

Home Exchange in San Miguel de Allende Mexico

A very interesting thing happened when I posted the photos of Casa Tranquilo's rental.  I received a very interesting email from a lovely woman in France who has done home exchanges in San Miguel.

We started corresponding, initially because of our mutual love for folkart and the corrspondence has continued.

 She is a very accomplished travel writer, author and photographer.  All of it done to perfection.

We exchanged photos of each of our homes.  I'm so hoping some day that we can do an "exchange".  Me going to France and she and her husband returning to San Miguel

 A veritable lightbulb went off in my brain!  I used to do home exchanges when I lived in Houston.  Why not do lots of that now?  I've never had an issue with anyone who stayed in my home.  The places I have stayed have always been lovely.  In fact one place in San Francisco, I returned to for three summers in a row.

I'm posting these photos of my home, taken this week, to see if anyone is interested in a home exchange.  It doesn't have to be to an exotic place like France.  It could be someone in Houston or Galveston when I go up either in November or in May/June! It could be in January when I'm gone  to the beach.

Or, it could be in Mexico!  Places I haven't been yet.  I'm actually open to any ideas as long as its not in a cold place.

 Who knows maybe someone would like to come have a little time to hang out here on the hill in this little piece of paradise?

 None of my furniture is for "show".  It is all comfortable and well made.

The gardens and house are maintained by Josefina and Xavier.  You just get to enjoy the beauty and tranquility~!

 The house has internet, satellite TV, all utilties obviously, DVD player and stereo system.

 There is a real comfy kingsize bed in the bedroom.  The sectional sofa in the living room opens into a queen size bed.  There is one bathroom only, adjacent to the bedroom.

 If, you're interested, leave a comment or email me.

Who knows what doors will open?  Who knows where I will travel in 2013?  Life is an adventure or nothing at all.........

 The house is totally protected by a security system.

 It's a 10 minute walk downhill to the centro and jardin.  A 5 minute cab ride up..........
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Shannon said...

Barbara, your home is so lovely that I'm almost sorry I live in San Miguel and can't do an exchange!

Marc Olson said...

Babs, having visited your house, I can vouch that it is a beautiful and special place.

I have no plans for a vacation in SMA, but I will keep it in mind.

Babs said...

Thanks Marc, you're welcome any time.

Babs said...

Shannon - WHY didn't we think of it when you were in that fabulous place in Patzcuaro?

Thanks for your sweet comment.

Steve Cotton said...

And it would not make much sense for us to exchange. You have a much nicer place to stay when you come down this way. Maybe my new place? It will really need a decorator's hand.

Benne' Rockett said...

This is exactly what I'm preparing my house for! I can't think of a better way to travel than home exchange! I think by summer, I'll have enough of the pieces in place that my little casa in Merida will be as welcoming as your home!

Babs said...

Steve, if and when you find a place, I would be happy to give you a hand. Everything you would need or want would be in Guadalajara and Patzcuaro........

Babs said...

Benne, I'm SURE it will be........except summer in Merida is not appealing to me - maybe winter in Merida - ha........

Unknown said...

Hi, Babs,
I’m Muriel Logan. Gordon and I have been in San Miguel 10 years in a couple weeks. About 5 years ago, my friend Betsy and I started a house exchange network for MEXICO ONLY. At that time, on all the international exchanges, including those with 10,000 houses, there were a total of about 11 houses in all of Mexico. So we made ours for Mexico only and we’re up to about 180 houses---not enough to get lots of unsolicited offers, esp. if you’re in San Miguel, as there are lots of our friends’ houses here on it, but enough to find wonderful places all over Mexico to explore and stay. Ours is for Exchange AND hospitality and there is no cost so far for membership. You can see all the houses any time, but you can only contact the owners after you’ve listed your own house and waited briefly for the approval to come through. Go to and check it out.
We always love to get new people.
Welcome to San Miguel,

Babs said...

Hi Muriel - I've known you and Gordon since you came to San Miguel through Rotary, and giving ya'll information on sources in Patzcuaro and Tlaquepaque for buying things for your home.
I'll certainly look at the website. I'd forgotten that you were doing that!
Thanks so much

travel4fun said...

Your house is wonderful.We also like home exchange that's why we have started a home exchange blog. I don't know if we ever have plans to come to Mexico, or you visit Athens, but you never know. Have in mind that our apartment is on We follow your blog so, we can be in touch.

Babs said...

Thanks so much for sending info about your home exchange in Athens!
I have no plans at present to be in Europe, but, one never knows......does one?

I love home exchanges and have never been disappointed!

Hasta luego,

Cancun or Montreal said...

Exchange for us, does not have to be simultaneous, it may be anytime you are willing to take the time.

What we offer in echange.
• Cancun , you may see it at
• Montreal : beautiful street level condo, terrace, in trendy Plateau Mont Royal ( Outremont) just 2 blocks from the Mont Royal Park , 10 blocks from downtown .
• Mont Tremblant mountain resort in Laurentides, beautiful all season resort . we have a unit in Sommet des Neiges which is prime location, just at the lift.
You may combine Montreal and Tremblant.

Cancun or Montreal said...

Bravo Gordon and Muriel. Home swap and hospitality, used to be a really good idea till home$$$$exchange contaminated and almost monopolized all the exchange domains.

If someone pays for ADVERTISING THEIR HOME it should be AVAILABLE for public viewing.

I will be glad to contribute to your site and your effort as long as it remains a FREE PLATFORM for human expansion.

Babs said...

Cancun or Montreal - Thank you so much for posting on this site.

At this point I'm not available to travel, but I certainly will get in touch with you, if at some point that would be possible.

Again, thanks