Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Way to Childrens' Hearts

 Camila, a delightful blog reader from Santa Barbara, California brought these two adorable Beanie Babies to me recently when she and her husband visited San Miguel.  I, of course, knew immediately how much Sebastian and Matilda would enjoy something soft and small enough to carry around. A little friend to sleep with at night.

So this week when I was able to visit with them for a little while, I took the puppy and monkey to them.  You'll notice in photos below that in many instances they were carrying their gift, even if they were playing something else.

 In this photo Matilda and her Daddy were swinging her puppy up in the air.  Children have such wonderful imaginations.  Her puppy was immediately named, "Princess".

 Sebastian got a little voom voom car also that day so he's showing me how noisy it can be while I hold his monkey.  Matilda is still holding her "Princess".

 Sebastian named his monkey "Bandy".  Here he is feeding him a pretzel.

Even while throwing a plastic bowl, which has now become a frizbee, Bandy was still in his hand. We had a slight crisis at about this time.  "Princess" started shedding little beads from inside.  Oh my, Grammy didn't have a needle and thread to do surgery, but, she did have a bandaid.  Crisis averted.

Princess still has her bandaid on her side because Matilda says shes not well yet! 

 It's such a treasure for me to just sit back and watch them play with their dad.  Sebastian always has his dump truck and cement mixer.  If there is dirt nearby, he is there playing in it.

Matilda is the dancer, the singer and the serious one.  I look at this photo and wonder, "What is she thinking?"

Here they are with the perfect ingredients for fun.  Dirt, water, spoons and trucks.  If I didn't know
better as I watch Matilda and Sebastian - big sister and little brother - I would say I'm watching Jennifer and John, their dad, at the very same age.  I remember it all so well.

It is so wonderful being a "Grammy" or, as they say in Mexico, an "abuela".  I'm so grateful for having the chance to have little ones around me again.
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Shannon said...

Delightful! I find, after reading one of your posts, Barbara, that I am usually smiling widely.

Babs said...

That's a GOOD thing!