Friday, August 31, 2012

MORE Street Scenes - San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

When I come around the corner and see the man from the mountains bringing either tierra for the summer gardens or firewood for the winter fireplaces, my heart always skips a beat.

I've written about these people before who walk for nine hours from the oak and pine forests up near the extinct volcano south of San Miguel to sell these two items throughout the year.

They can't go home til everything is sold. It's too steep a climb if the burros are still loaded.

Just a week or so ago it was about 2 PM and I saw three men and the elderly woman resting up against a wall before starting their trek back. I can't even imagine their lives.

I feel honored to witness these people. I'm grateful to live in Mexico.


Shannon said...

I agree. These kinds of things stir up emotions in me that I can't easily relate but I am also very lucky and very glad to be living in Mexico.

CheriRae said...

Babs I am delighted that I found your wonderful blog. I am preparing to move to SMA in January and I love learning the area through your words and your camera lens. It is an honor to witness people traveling by foot for 9 hours to make their living. Humbling indeed. You are discovering riches far beyond the pesos/dollars and I'm grateful to have you as one of my guides to SMA.

Babs said...

Thank you very much.......and welcome to San Miguel! I know you'll enjoy all the rich experiences that I have been privileged to witness.