Thursday, August 30, 2012

Giggling All Afternoon

My plans were to go to the tianguis on Tuesday, but, it didn't happen.  I was home in the morning when at some point while doing paperwork in the garden I heard a LARGE truck coming up the hill.  It didn't turn as they usually do and continue up the hill.  It revved its engine and jerked around.  Finally I walked into the dining room to see what was going on and...........

 At this point I saw a city truck dumping (which is illegal) on the side of the road.  I picked up my camera that was nearby and started photographing through the screen.  The driver looked up, saw me, jumped out of the truck and gestured to me that it was going to be pushed over the hill!  I kept photographing, much to his consternation.
 This was the pile that was left there.  It was much higher then it looks.  This photo was taken from my roof terrace looking down.
I had once been at a gardening meeting where the head of Ecologia brought up the subject of illegal dumping.  He said, "If you see it, photograph it and get a description of the vehicle".  I did that.
 Much to my amazement, within 30 minutes this dozer was here and scooping up dirt and moving it so fast!                                                           It was funny to watch.
         He made little piles here and there.  Just to get rid of the pile of the dirt that had been dumped.
I think it was a "CYA" operation all based on the fact that the dump truck driver saw me photographing.  No more dirt has been dumped out there.  No more little piles made either. 

                                          I found the whole thing pretty darn funny.  Glad I had my camera!

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Tancho said...

Semper Vigilans!
Good for you, maybe they will think twice before doing that again.