Thursday, August 09, 2012

Mezmerizing Music

The Chamber Music Festival is going on for over two weeks here in San Miguel with quartets such as Pacifica, who I heard last Saturday night.  Breathtaking. They are Grammy winners and the resident quartet in NYC at the New York Met.
The Cassat Quartet and the Atlanta Chamber Players remain to be heard, among others.  For other information, search San Miguel Chamber Music Festival.

Sold out audiences at every performance - often small children - who sit totally still throughout the two hour performance.

There are many, many music students also who come to be mentored, to perform on stage and to enjoy the same music that we, paying customers, get to hear.

Today a few of the music students had an impromptu performance in the jardin during lunch time.  People stopped and listened for a while and then moved on.  NOT this little tike above and in the bottom photo.
He was mesmerized by the music and the performers.  He hardly moved. 

 His big brother, who wasn't so big, watched him closely to make sure he didn't fall or get hurt.  The little one was oblivious to that and just watched and listened to the music - from beginning to end.

Possibly a future performer?  Hope so.
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Shannon said...

That's so cute. Maybe a musician in the making.
Todd mentioned today that there was a string quartet doing Mozart in the Jardin later in the afternoon as well.
I love it!

Babs said...

Lovely, isn't it?