Monday, August 06, 2012

Last Week in Photos

Life interrupts sometimes and there is just not enough time to write a post.  With a houseguest to show Mexico and San Miguel de Allende to,  it was chock-a-block full.

We started out at the Tuesday Market.  That is such an overload of visual stimulation I felt that if that was survived then the rest would be easy. 

The very first thing we saw upon arriving besides the turkeys, rabbits, wild birds and other assorted creatures in cages was this clown.  I've never seen a clown at the Tuesday Market before!  The children were in awe. My guest was equally surprised.

Colorful as the clown were the tables set up with nuts and candies for sale.  The presentation is always something to enjoy.

That night, for some reason, the mojigangas were in the jardin.  Playful as always. they enjoyed dancing at us and dipping and laughing.  What fun!  And what an eyeful for someone coming from the USA.

A trip to Atotonilco is always awe inspiring.  The one thing I had never seen before is this new statue of Hidalgo.  Well done.  They have also added a paved plaza in front of the church and painted all the houses in town.  Prior to UN World Heritage designation, the whole town was white.  I'm not sure how I feel about the change of painting everything. 

There were the usual side trips to various restaurants.  All delicious. Dinners and lunches were with various friends.  The arts and crafts fair at the Instituto was Saturday.  But, of course, the highlight for me was going to see the grandkids at the Real de Minas pool on Saturday.

Here's Sebastian getting ready to turn around and jump back in the pool.  That's his daddy's hands holding on..............

As all kids are, they will stay in the pool til their fingers shrivel and they are waterlogged.  Here they are coming to Grammy wrapped in big towels.  They wanted a little snuggle time.

There isn't a Grammy I know who doesn't revel in hugging and loving their little grandchildren.  What a happy treat.

The weekend was finished out by having lunch in the country at Nirvana restaurant.  A delightful and delicious experience.  My order was huitlacoche and squash blossom soup followed by salmon covered in a mango chutney sauce, fresh vegetables and a delicious rice.

The food, as I said, was delicious and the grounds were incredibly beautiful.  Sorry I didn't get a photo of that but you can rest assured, next time I will!
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