Wednesday, April 18, 2012

UP in the Air!

While having dinner on a roof terrace the other evening, I walked over to the ledge by the street to look down to see what was happening on the street.  While walking closer this building caught my eye and stopped me dead in my tracks.

Although I've driven on Barranca and walked on it more times then I could begin to tell you, I had never noticed this building before.  Interesting isn't it that you notice things at eye level, not necessarily three stories up in the air.

As you can see, this building is the width of a door with its jamb.  What is this building in San Miguel de Allende?  Does someone live there?  What is its purpose?  One street over from Barranca is the entrance to the bullring.  Does this building have some connection to the bullring?  The side of the building is as interesting as the fact that the building is this narrow.  If anyone knows the story of this building, please let me know. I'm intrigued about it.  There MUST be a story.

This photo is the door at street level.  Nothing outstanding until you realize the width of the building.  I have a friend in Houston named "Narrow Larry".  This could definitely be Narrow Larry's home.........and to add to the fun of it, Larry is actually an architect!

The "narrow house" on Barranca - San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.
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Life's a Beach! said...

Can't wait to hear the explanation on that building! Amazing!

Dan in NC said...

WOW! Certainly puts a Charlestown "shotgun" house to shame.. It actually appears that it is narrower than 3 stacked single-wides! I would luv to see the insides! Trying to imagine getting from floor to floor! Thanks for the images..
Dan in NC

Calypso said...

Amazing - yet here in Mexico not surprising. Give a little space and somehow bricks or blocks will follow.

I HATE that word scramble to prove I am NOT a robot - do you really have that much trouble?

Babs said...

Calypso, blogspot must have that on there. I didn't think anything was being scrambled. Someone is going to help me soon to update my blog. I'll have him look at that for me and get rid of it if possible.

Tancho said...

Probably a typical Mexican story, of someone spiting another land owner or building it so that the guy next door would never have a view. You would be amazed on the motivation of some questionable construction....