Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fodder for Blogs

Dinner parties are "fodder for blogs".  If I just sit back and listen, all kinds of subjects arise.  My favorite question to ask when meeting new people is, "How did you find San Miguel?"  Then the most interesting stories come out.  People are really pretty darn adventurous.  Many hear about the town, having never been to Mexico, load their stuff in the car and head to a foreign country!  Unbelievable to me.

People think I'm adventurous.  I am in some instances, but when it comes to things like where I'm going to live, how I'm going to survive financially, how I'm going to survive on a daily basis as it relates to health care and other important issues, I do my research.  So I'm not as adventurous as people think.

Before I ever drove down here alone,"mumblesomething" years ago, I rode down with someone so I could see what the process was at the border, how the roads were and what to expect.  Others just wing it.  THEY are adventurous.

Interesting topics of discussion can also be interrelating with locals, Mexican Nationals, the language barrier and differences in culture.  In addition, its fun to hear what the surprises have been for new people that they didn't expect.  Be it the inability to find some food product, to the complexities of the legal system.

I remember some of the things I had to learn when I came.  I thought it was interesting that you couldn't pay your bills online but had to walk to the place of business to pay them.  Some of that has changed, but not all of it.  I now find it kinda fun to walk to pay those bills as you establish a relationship with the person that you see each month or two.  Conversations ensue and it can be the highlight of the day.

Little things like that - relationships with locals - for me, add to the joy of life in Mexico.
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Tancho said...

Just think, some people can't handle the move or the change in culture.....kinda sad.

Babs said...

So true, but most of them aren't living here. One of the interesting things, to me, about ex-pats is their individualism and spunk.

Carlos Ponce-Meléndez said...

I think you are brave. Also, you are open minded. I read you blog because I get inspired by people like you. Thank you Babs.

Babs said...

Thank you for such beautiful compliments. You've made my day!