Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mystery and Surprise

 While filling the main flower bed with WHITE flowers as I mentioned yesterday, I never bought a plant unless it had white blooms on it so I could verify that it indeed would bloom in white.  Imagine my surprise when this spring this azalea bloomed fuscia.  The mystery is how and why.  I can't decide where to move it or just laugh at it.
 All these white daisies are a surprise.  When planted a couple of years ago, they were four tiny plants from the nursery that I think I paid 10 pesos for each.  Now the bed is full to overflowing.  I cut off of them for my weekly flower bunches.  Nothing seems to deter them. And the surprise is they bloom all year long.  What a delight.

It just doesn't take a whole lot to make life interesting and wonderful.  At least, not for me.  I find great pleasure in the smallest of things.
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Mike Landfair said...

Babs, I always love to find that you've posted again.

Babs said...

Thanks Mike for stopping by from time to time!

Brenda Maas said...

The pink blooms could be a result of cross pollination by bees. I have had that happen with other flowers; but there would have to be a red or pink one in a nearby garden for this to happen. Another possibility is a slightly different acidic content in the soil around that particular plant but as they are so close together that is hard to believe. Quien sabe, un milagro ! Perhaps your daughter decided your garden needed 1 bright touch of colour.

White daisies make me think of a funny story in my family. My sister has a hard time growing flowers while my mom and I both had huge flower gardens. Mom and I both always said that the White Daisies were like a weed and anyone could grow them so we both gave my sister some of them. She managed to kill them off also, how we could never figure out.
Thanks for the memories and a smile.
Have a good day.

Babs said...

Brenda, the thought has occurred to me that Jen decided it was time for some color in her garden! My son, when I told him agreed.

Gardening to me is the ultimate relaxing activity. And it brings so much joy and beauty in return.

Good to hear from you!

Brenda Maas said...

I agree that gardening is relaxing and calming and gets you back to the basics of where we come from.
Strange things happen sometimes in our lives and sometimes it is best to just go with them and enjoy them.
I have been reading most of the blogs I follow on Google reader lately and so I have gotten lazy about commenting. I know I used to comment more before I started following blogs on there, not a very "social" thing to do I guess.
Take care.

Carol said...

Babs... that was the first thing I thought of... that Jen is in the pink azaleas!

I believe my mom communicates with me through tweeting birds... cus she loved birds so much... and one tweeted right outside of her bedroom in the dead of winter the morning of her memorial service in Dallas... and the same bird tweeted just as I was closing the front door the next day on my way back home to Santa Fe.... I had been there a month and had never heard any tweets. I still hear tweets in unusual places and it is very comforting to me as well.

We were in touch last Nov-Dec about renting... I have arrived in SMA!! It was quite the journey... very stressful and I am still decompressing 2 wks later! I am in a casa in Santa Cecilia and loving it so far... unfortunately I tweaked my knee during the unpacking, but it is on the mend.

Hope your back is doing much better... sending good thoughts for it... and you.

Best, Carol