Saturday, February 11, 2012

Trying to be Patient




Just like this beach dog that I observed recently, I'm trying to be patient while it rains, and rains, and rains some more. Add to that the cold - it's only 52 right now outside. It's only 62 INSIDE with the heater on!
This is NOT an adventure that needs to continue much longer, por favor. Tomorrow it will be one week since the sun has shown. Oy vey!

This, along with other things, like the fact that my electric bill for the last two months was 4,356 pesos are things that those who think EVERYTHING is perfect in Mexico don't take into consideration. Hmmm, I realized just now I've been whining and ranting way too much this week. Perhaps it is the lack of sunshine along with the rain and the cold. The electricity has been going off and on, hence the cold in the house. Sorry for complaining.

I did enjoy watching this beach dog patiently waiting for whatever scraps each table would pass to it. I at first thought the dog belonged to this table of people but then watched her move from table to table. Sweet, quiet and patient. That's how I strive to be - just don't succeed very often, as you well know. Darn.

Hope wherever you are reading this today that you have sunshine and warmth.
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Michael Dickson said...

How in God's name did you get an electric bill that high? I didn't pay anywhere near that when I lived in Houston with central heat and air.

Even if that includes your rental, I cannot imagine how you soared to such heights. Are you running electric heaters in all rooms 24 hours a day?

Paint me perplexed.

Calypso said...

Wonderful sunshine high 84F low 74F in Puerto Escondido - a great ti8me to be here ;-)

Babs said...

Felipe believe it or not, it was one electric heater in the bedroom that I used in December and obviously my son used in January when I was gone! No it didn't include the rental! I do admit that the elec heater was used a LOT in Dec when we were getting 17 degrees, then 24 and 26 at night........Crap, who knew?
Calypso, hopefully Puerto Escondido will be next year if I can figure out how to afford a couple of months........

Michael Dickson said...

Babs: That electric bill is beyond the pale. There has to be a problem with your meter, or someone is tapped into your line.

That was my wife's first reaction, and I agree with her.

Or else you typed the figure wrong. 4,356 pesos for two months would be almost 200 dollars a month.

Babs said...

Yes, I've always had a high bill in this house in comparison to the guest house. I do need to get the meter changed out. This is ridiculous. I never had a bill this high even when I lived in Houston.
This too shall pass - along with the rain, hopefully.

alcuban said...

Now, now. We haven't had rain for months and months and badly need some moisture. At least this may be a sign that the drought that has hit northern Mexico/southern Texas for the past couple of years won't spread this far south. Let's be patient. BTW at our place we've had over two inches of rain during the past week, which is pretty impressive.


Babs said...

I know, I know Al. I started out being very grateful for the rain. The gardens, the presa and everything is so much better off. But I now realize the lack of sunshine makes ME gloomy. The cold just finishes me off.......ha.
I've had about 1 1/2 inches here and AM grateful for every drop.
I laughed yesterday when for about 30 minutes it didn't rain. I heard all the neighbor kids out playing in their yard. It brought back memories of when I had 3 under 4 years old in 1968 and it rained in Houston for 21 days straight. Wow, I was ready to send them out in the rain - Moms everywhere are the same, ha.

Billie Mercer said...

To Felipe, I've heard that the cost of electricity in SMA is higher than in other places in Mexico. I don't know if this is true or not but I do know it is much higher per kilowatt than in Houston, TX.

Babs said...

Gosh Billie, I didn't know that it is higher then Houston. I know that I never had a bill this high in Houston, ever! I'm going to see about getting a new meter. Seriously, I'm one person in 1000 sq ft - how can it be that much?
The guest house is 1000 sq ft too and it is always 1/4 of my bill! Go figure.

Michael Dickson said...

There is a point of usage that if exceeded, you are in effect considered a business, not a residence, and the rate spikes up big-time. I don't recall what the point is.

Alas, after you pass that point in a billing cycle, you must be below that point for a certain number of cycles more (I believe it's three) for your rate to go back to a residential setting.

I don't believe for a moment that SMA is singled out for higher rates than the rest of the nation.

I do believe, however, that the Gringos there likely have all manner of electrical gizmos lit up that dramatically increase their light bills. I see them doing it here in Pátzcuaro too. My favorite is in-floor electric heating grids.