Thursday, August 11, 2011

Actions Speak Louder then Words


This morning while drinking my coffee after meditating, I had a visitor. Velcro. She taught me another lesson. I've written in the past about her lessons for me.

It's intriguing that without words, she can let me know what she wants.

The lesson today is, "If you jump in someone's lap, the chances are you'll get petted. Your back rubbed and your ears rubbed.........among other things".

I'm going to remember that lesson for future reference.
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Mic said... nice to see Velcro again. But what's he doing laying in a basket of beads?? Yep, you are resembling your pet more ....IMO most people tend to eventually.....Steve and his lizards being an exception, of course ;-)

Mic said...

after rereading this, I probably should clarify that I meant your hair color is resembling/matching your pet better. Hope that wasn't interpreted wrongly.

So sorry about your amoeba attack. Hope you can still make your trip later.

Babs said...

Mic, I understood and it's funny that our hair is pretty darn close in color........
Those beads she is laying in are strings of beads you hang on the Christmas tree. I threw them in that bowl one year and there they've stayed. I enjoy all the colors. Obviously so does Velcro!