Sunday, June 05, 2011

Shifting Winds


The winds shifted to the North about a week ago. This has resulted in cooler temperatures, both at night and during the day. Woohoo.

Early Friday morning the temperature at 6AM was 44 degrees. I dug out my socks cause my feet were cold. It got up in the mid 70's that day. Last night it was really cool. Cool enough for me to sleep with the bedroom door closed. It got down to 51 at 6AM. Yippee. Our Mexican summer of two months is over and now perfection settles in.

As I write this at 11:15AM on Sunday it is 71 degrees.

So, all my Southern friends, "sweatbirds" as we call you here in San Miguel, pack up your cars, or buy your airline tickets and come on down. We're waiting for you.

The weather is extraordinary. And, the rains haven't come...........yet. They will though.
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Anonymous said...

How in the world did you get 44 degrees when you're at a far lower altitude than I am?

I'm still waiting for the rain to get serious.

-- Felipe

Babs said...

Just lucky I guess. I'm ONLY 1000 ft lower then you......well, I guess that is "far lower".

All day yesterday it was really, really dark and menacing which is unusual for us during the day. But mid afternoon the clouds disappeared and the sky was cobalt blue. Nary a drop of rain.......same cobalt blue sky this morning.

As long as I have cool, I'll be patient.

Anonymous said...

HOUSTON: Temp hovering at a sweltering 100 degrees, dragging the water hoses through my beloved, drought-ravaged "English garden", gasping in the muggy air, swatting vicious mosquitoes.... dreaming of San Miguel.

Babs said...

Oh my! Come on down! The b&b's are empty.......the hotels are gasping for tourists. Even the streets are empty.....the sweatbirds don't usually get here til the 15th or so, but with that heat, it might be sooner.
I remember those gasping days in Houston......whew, glad they are over for me. I hate to tell you it was 49 this morning, but it was.......