Thursday, June 02, 2011

For All Those Who Ask!

The typical question from people in the USA when they discover I live in Mexico is,
"What do you do all day?"

Here is today, and it's only 1:30PM. Tenant moved out day before yesterday. Upon departure she mentioned French door hinge was broken, and kitchen sink stopped up.

A possible "full timer" wanted to spend the night there the night she left so I hurried in there on Tuesday, upon the departing tenant's departure, and cleaned the place along with changing the bed.

Yesterday the possible new tenant departed. The maid arrived and did a thorough cleaning. I tried with a plunger to fix the kitchen sink. Nope, didn't work. I also met with the iron man about welding the broken hinges on the French door. He said he would come today. Went to Mega for Drano. No Drano.

"Number one son", and only son, arrived today with Drano. He and I plunged and used Drano. We discovered a leak under the sink, which had not been there before! Oy vey. Plumber called.

Iron man shows up. Plumber shows up. Laundry lady shows up with laundry in the midst of this fray. (I had totally forgotten about her coming).

In the meantime, throughout all this, I had started at 9:00AM BEFORE everyone came to make home made Lemon Bars, two batches, for a luncheon I'm going to tomorrow.
So the kitchen was all asunder.

Whew, it has been like Grand Central Station around here. I'm happy to report all hinges have been repaired and soldered. I'm also happy to report sink is unclogged.
Leak has been repaired and siliconed. Laundry has been put away in both houses.
I've swept and remopped floors upstairs and downstairs in guest house for new tenant arriving today.

Lemon bars are made. Home made sesame/honey dressing is made. Egg salad in progress.

Siesta coming up shortly. And, tomorrow will be another day...........


Tancho said...

You need a vacation!
Funny thing people also ask the same question, and the days go by fast too.
With a house to maintain there is always projects that need to be done,I often wonder how it would be to live in a condo or apartment where there was no yard or much maintenance.

Babs said...

Tancho - You'll NEVER believe what happened AFTER I wrote the blog - finally at 3 I collapsed for a siesta. About 5 minutes into it, I smelled smoke. Went up to the roof terrace, smoke and flames within 100 yards of my house in the canyon! Called the bomberos, went back to roof with hose in hand and for the next hour watched the south side of the canyon burn. Always ready with my trusty hose.......geez, I DO need a vacation! ha.......Fire is out - no houses hurt, or people. I'll post about it manana with photos!

Bob Mrotek said...

Good old "SEE-lee-kohn". What did people ever do without it? :)

Steve Cotton said...

Glad to hear the casita is in top order.

Babs said...

Bob, silicone, WD 40 and velcro are my "WEAPONS OF CHOICE". Can't leave home without them.......

Steve, yes it's all ready for you, unless something else happens! In July........